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Previous Reports

23rd November 2010. Leland Water Common Carp record goes!! 
Ten year member, Simon Neep broke the lake record for Common Carp at Waterbeach AC's Leland Water with a superb 31lb 7 oz fish which was in tip top condition and took Simon's sweetcorn bait at dusk. Simon's guest Adam Waldock, not to be outdone contributed a 25lb 3oz Mirror.

17th November and the un-named Leland Life member continues to bank numbers of Carp!  In the last few days he has landed 9 fish, including Commons of 23-2 and 30-3!!  Mirrors also featured in his catch the best being 25-8 and 27-8.  His named guest, G. Allen, managed a a 26-3 Common.  Spectacular fishing!! Sadly no startling news from other lakes on the complex, but with warmer weather forecast over the next few days and weekend, things at Atkin's and Magpie should take off.
12th November. The latest spell of warmer weather [?] in the middle of last week encouraged the Carp at Leland Water to feed.  Day ticket angler Dan Stacey banked 3 nice sized Commons, weighing 17-2, 18-10, 21-3 and a 27-14 Mirror.  Not a bad days fishing!  The same day on Magpie Lake Len Proctor landed over 100lb of Carp from one of the roadside pegs.  In the same week a Life member on Leland landed 11 Carp over 3 sessions.  Best fish were Commons of 20-4 and 28-8, plus a 25-12 Mirror and 3 nice Tench.
4th November With temperatures still lower, the Carp at Magpie lake are much harder to come by.  However Leland is still giving up some good fish to members.  Best fish went to long time Life member Julian Hill who grassed a silvery Common of 26lbs.  Dave Badcock landed 3 commons of 14-7, 20 and 21lbs all in a 5 hour session
1st November Waterbeach football star Ashley Shipp took time off the pitch to sample winter carp fishing on Waterbeach AC's Leland Water and banked a personal best 25lb 5oz fully scaled mirror. Ashley fished as a guest of his mentor Dave Badcock who, not to be outdone contributed a 25lb 10oz mirror. Leland day tickets are available pre-booked from Tony Leadley on 07966487320.


22nd October The latest match held on Magpie Lake was for Townsend AC.  The lower temperatures have slowed sport a little but the match was still competitive!
1st Peter Church Peg 30 39-14
2nd Don Burn Peg 3 36-8
3rd Ian Darrington 33-11
As said in previous reports Roach are now showing more as the Carp are less inclined to feed.
Last weekend Leland Water produced a 21-06 Common to day ticket angler Jon Wood.
19th October news just in! Magpie Lake is fishing well despite the lower temperatures, with anglers taking 40 - 60lb of fish on a good day.  The most notable catch was a 2lb Roach taken on a worm and maggot cocktail fished on a size 16 hook.  These large Roach come on the feed as the Carp become more lethargic in the winter months.  The angler to benefit from this was Ray Johnson from Cottenham.  Come along and give it a try and see if you can better the best Roach caught in recent years of 2lb 4oz.  This was caught in a match for Post Office workers organised by previous lake owner Richard Reynolds.
Leland Water is also turning up regular good Carp, the best recent catches were to day ticket anglers, Richard Ginn and Jon Wood, who had Commons of 25 and 27lbs respectively
Leland member Dave Badcock banked a 25lb 10oz Mirror, while fellow member Dave Ashford had Commons of 20lb 7oz and 28lb 6oz.
Contact Tony Leadley for day tickets Tel: 07966 487320
The last week ending 24th Sept. has seen some big fish from Leland Water; A Common of 28lb 06oz was caught by Dave Ashford and a Mirror of 24lb 08oz fell to Simon Neep.  A guest angler fishing with Dave Badcock had a great catch of 2 Commons each weighing in at 10lb, 22lb and also 2 Mirrors weighing 11lb and 24lb respectively.
Day ticket angler John Wood fished 3 short sessions and was rewarded with Commons of 23lb 02oz, 24lb 02 and 27lb 10oz.
Best Tench of the week was caught by Mel Buddle at 6lb.
There are 2 match results to report from Magpie Lake.
Chivers AC
1st Ray Sadler Peg 15 49-10 on Paste
2nd Joel Scott Peg 5 45-12
3rd John Smith Peg 4 24-04
John Holmes memorial Match
1st Nigel Fawkes 72-12 on Sweetcorn and paste.
2nd equal John Belshaw 67lb
2nd equal Steve Tyler 67lb
4th Neil Wallis 62-10
5th Andy Kleen 62-04
£100 was raised for the CPS Orphanage charity in Kathmandu, Nepal. This charity was the one chosen by John's widow Ann.


This may be slightly old news as the Webmaster [me] has been in Ireland for several weeks. Also the chronological order may be compromised as my wife had a tidy up on my desk??
In the last few weeks’ [ending 7th Sept] sport has been steady on Leland Water with a number of 20lb fish being landed by club members.  The best being a 25-4 Mirror carp and a common of 27-13!  Tench and silver fish [Roach/Rudd etc] have been difficult to locate.
Magpie Lake has again been fishing very well, with day ticket anglers having catches of 80 – 100lbs. Latest match result was for Witchford AC. Result as follows:

1st Greg Nicholls 133-8 Peg 5 on Sweetcorn

2nd Billy Bower 92-12 Peg 9  Pellet

3rd Gary Mayle 56-7 Peg 12 Sweetcorn & Paste

9 anglers averaged more than 50lb per peg
Atkins Lake has been a bit slow with a few Bream to 5lbs and just a few Carp and Roach showing their presence!
Best catches from previous weeks include a 26 Common Carp from Leland to day ticket angler Richard Ginn and a 15-2 from Atkins by Tony Leadley.

Previous Match results

Peter Edwards Memorial Match at Atkins Lake.

1st Sam Hawkes 12-04 Peg 10

2nd Jordan Osbourne 11-12 Peg 5

3rd Kevin Sands 9-11 Peg 8

No carp were caught only Silver fish 

Magpie Lake 

Littleport AC

1st John Heinze 56-12 Peg 6 on Sweetcorn

2nd Graham Hanslett 52-12 Peg 9 Paste

3rd Joseph Hawks 51-4 Peg 4 Paste

The Chapman Match Group

1st Andy Day 121-02 Peg 24 Sweetcorn

2nd Jan Palmer 100-9 Peg 14 Pellet

3rd Steve Macquire 75-10 Peg 31 Paste

4th Bob Chapman 73-4 Peg 2 Paste 

Long Sutton AC Afternoon/evening match

1st John Peeling 63-4 Peg 4 Paste

2nd Nick Morgan 34-7 Peg 8 Sweetcorn

3rd Simon Sutterby 28-5 Peg 10

Update 02/08/2010

Magpie Lake latest

Saturday 31/07/2010: Littleport AC
1st John Heinze 56-12 Peg 6
2nd Graham Hanslett 52-12 Peg 9
3rd Joseph Hanks 51-4 Peg 4
Sunday 01/08/2010: Bob Chapman Match Group
1st Anthony Day 121-2 Peg 24
2nd Ian Palmer 100.9 Peg 14
3rd Stewart Macguive 75-10 Peg 31
4th Bob Chapman 73-4 Peg 2

Waterbeach Angling Club's Magpie Lake has been listed in the Anglers Mail top 100 UK commercial fisheries.
Only days after the listing was announced, on the 25th July 2010 the Bardog Angling Club from Kent, brought 13 anglers to fish a match on Magpie, but it proved to be far from an unlucky number as the group weighed in a massive 1013lb!! One angler's net split and his catch escaped otherwise the total haul would have been much higher!
This gave an average weight of nearly 80lb per peg.
1st Martin Armfield 161.03
2nd Terry Robinson 105.03
3rd Les Fidlin 96.00
4th Dave Shaw 84.03

Stalwarts honoured

Waterbeach angling club has honoured three club members who between them
have over 145 years service with the club.

At the club's 2009 AGM Maurice Harradine from Landbeach, Sid Ambrose from
Waterbeach and Phil London from Stretham were all made Honorary Life Members
of the Club.

Maurice is manager of the Children's Pit at Landbeach, Sid is the Clubs Head
Bailiff on the River Cam and Phil is the manager of the Clubs Old West river
and Lagoons at the Lazy Otter

The attached picture shows Maurice left, Phil centre and Sid right.

Magpie lake restocked

Waterbeach Angling Club have started to restock Magpie Lake after working
with the Environment Agency to remove fish with damaged mouths.

The first consignment of new fish, young mirrors and commons of 8" to 12" in
size arrived this week and will be fed until they acclimatise to their new

These fish were bought with a £2000 donation made to the club by Ann and
Richard Reynolds

The lake remains open during the closed season with day tickets sold on the
bank and match bookings can be made with club secretary Pam Day on 01223

The photo [above] shows Kevin Sands introducing a batch of
the new fish into Magpie.



Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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