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2011 reports.

Match Results [click here]

Leland Water has seen a few day ticket anglers and members after Carp but have little to show for their efforts.  However the Pike scene has livened up with several fish being taken in the last week of 2011.
The best fish of the whole year at 18.5lbs was landed together with 3 other fish in the 6 Ė 10 lb range by one happy pike angler.
Several other small Pike were also banked throughout the week.
Atkins Water has also fished well with several good catches of Roach and Bream.
One or two Carp plus the occasional Tench have been caught and several anglers have returned on more than one occasion to cash in on the good results.
Atkins is hosting the Townsend match group on Sunday the 8th of January, so the lake will be closed for the day.
Magpie Lake is still turning out good bags of Carp.  Len Proctor in particular seems to have the method and a good eye for delicate bites as he again bagged up towards the end of last week.
It just remains for me to wish all our members and visiting anglers a Happy and fish filled New Year!
22/12/2011 Stop press!!  Club record equalled by Atkins Perch.
Ken Jones made the most of the mild weather today at Atkins water when he netted a super Perch of 2lbs 12ozs.
This equals the club record held by P Lusher for a fish caught way back in 2000.

All 3 lakes are completely ice free!  Magpie water level is rising slowly and has had a few anglers fishing yesterday 21st.
Atkins is very clear but like Magpie the level is slightly up on last week.  More rain is needed.
As the year ends the club is saying goodbye to our long suffering secretary, Pam Day.
Pam volunteered to take on the job back in 2003 on a temporary 1 year basis that has lasted nearly 9 years.
Club Chairperson, Tony Leadley presented Pam with a Magnum of Champagne and a large bouquet of flowers at her last committee meeting as Secretary earlier this month.
Thanks Pam, you've done a great job.
Needless to say the club is now looking for another unwary volunteer to take over as secretary.
As for the usual report, well sadly there isn't much to report.
All 3 of the club lakes at Landbeach have been frozen to some extent and although the ice has now cleared, no one is fishing.
The lakes will all be open to anglers over the Christmas period.
Ice seems unlikely over the next week, so hopefully a few hardy anglers will try their luck over the holidays.
Day tickets for Magpie and Atkins will be available on the bank, while day tickets for Leland Water are only available if booked in advance with Tony Leadley 07966 487320.
The Cam remains clear of ice and has a bit more flow after the recent rain.
A few small Pike have been caught and a 10lb Zander has been reported from the lower river at Bottisham Lock.
The Cam can be fished by purchasing a Waterbeach Angling Club membership card or by day ticket, both sold on the bank.
Today saw several members and committee members tackle the weed problems on Hatley's Children's pit in Landbeach.  Below are the before and after shots plus some of those that turned out. You can see the massive difference we made today.  Well done to all who turned out.

Leland Water has seen very few anglers this week and no Carp of note have been caught.  Club chairman Tony Leadley visited with his 2 grandchildren and banked a few pike up to 10lbs.
Atkins Water again has seen few anglers but those who have fished have caught some nice Roach to almost a pound in weight.
Magpie Lake is still turning out a steady stream of carp to 10lbs, but again angler numbers are low.
Leland Water. Things are a bit slow with the change in weather obviously putting anglers off. However the fish are still there to be caught and a couple of regulars have caught some nice fish.
Richard Ginn continues his successful season with yet another double figure carp weighing in at 19lb. Bait was as usual Luncheon meat float fished fairly close in.
Ben Hervey-Murray also returned for another carp of 18lb 4oz taken on a brilliant white popped up imitation bait. Ben's fish came at dusk just as he was packing up.
A few small pike have been taken up to 8lbs.
Day Tickets for Leland Water are available in advance only from Tony Leadley 07966 487320
Atkins Water. Anglers getting shelter from the wind are catching good numbers of Roach as well as some nice Carp.  Several Ghost carp have been showing up of late with the best weighing in at 8lb.
Magpie Lake. Magpie is still providing good catches of mainly Carp but several good size Roach are now featuring more in anglers catches.
Day tickets are available on the bank for both Atkins and Magpie.
A reminder that the club has organised a work party for weed clearing on Hatley's Children's Pit in Landbeach village on the Sunday 4th December.
So if you fancy coming along to help, bring a rake, some boots and some old clothes.
Meeting at the pit in Green End at 9am.
Atkins Water has provided one happy angler this week with the catch of his short life so far! 6 year old Jake Plumb caught this absolutely mint conditioned Mirror on Saturday.  Fishing with his Dad Nigel, Jake tempted his 8lb 07oz prize with a ledgered 10mm Techni spice boilie, hair rigged with a PVA bag of assorted small diameter pellets. Sadly Dad Nigel blanked!  Great catch Jake!

Magpie Lake is still producing some good catches although the number of anglers is dropping away. Carp, as expected are the major species coming to the net with fish ranging from 2lbs to 10lbs coming out this week.
Leland Water has seen yet more good sized specimen Carp banked this last week.  Best catch went to a anonymous Syndicate member who weighed in a 30lb 12oz Mirror, a 27lb 14oz fully scaled Mirror and a 17lb Common. Day Ticket angler D Cooper caught 3 double figure fish weighing 17lb 04oz, 16lb 10oz and 14lb exactly.  Fev Sevillono was amongst the fish again with 15lb 05oz Mirror. A few Roach and the occasional bream have also figured in catches
The club is organising a work party for weed clearing on the Children's Pit in Landbeach village on the Sunday 4th December. So if you fancy coming along to help bring a rake, some boots and some old clothes.  Meeting at the pit in Green End at 9am.
Leland Water.  Highlights of the week came to day ticket anglers Fev Sevillono who caught a 22lb 04oz Common and Richard Ginn who surpassed Fev with a magnificent Scattered Mirror of 28lb 06ozs pictured below.  Richard float ledgered Luncheon meat on a size 8 hook and banked the carp after a hard tussle just before dark.
Magpie Lake has seen mixed fortunes this week with one or two anglers getting some really good catches while others have struggled.  This was highlighted this Sunday when Townsend Angling help a 16 peg match where only 6 anglers bothered to weigh in.  Those that did were topped by the winning weight of 41lbs 14ozs from R Wilson, 2nd was M Kirk with 12lbs 04ozs and 3rd was D Burns with 10lbs 03ozs.

Individual catches from mid week included a cracking 12lb Common caught by Kevin Dumbrill [again] in a bag of around 15 carp averaged 3lbs.  One or two nice roach approaching a pound in weight are also showing up along with some small Perch.

Atkins Water continues to produce to those that are prepared to put in some time on it.  Bream and Roach are the prominent species showing at present
The River Cam is producing a few small Pike and the occasional small Zander as well as the usual Roach catches. Roach of 1/2lb to 1lb are beginning to figure in feature in some of the catches.
Leland Water has seen a bit of action this week mainly from Day ticket anglers who have had a few different species.  One or two small pike have been caught as well as some Bream and Roach. The best results have come to Ben Hervey-Murray who after last weeks success came back for more and Richard Ginn, who continues to winkle out some nice fish.  Ben banked a 17lb-04oz Common [Pictured below] and followed that just on darkness with a Mirror of 21lb-10ozs[ also pictured below] He baited with popped up Nash Monster Squid boilies on a short hair rig.
Richard "one rod" Ginn banked the best fish of the week a 26lb-8oz Common.  Richard was using Luncheon meat also on a short hair rig. Sadly no photographs.

Day tickets are available for Leland Water in advance only from Tony Leadley 07966 487320

Atkins Water has not been fished much but midweek angler, Kevin Sands, had a good number of nice Roach and a few Bream. Local Landbeach club member, Bill Watts, landed a fine 12lb Common Carp which is his personal best from the lake complex.
Magpie  Lake continues to produce some good bags but sport is slowing up.  One local expert after bagging up advises that plenty of loose fed on a little but often basis will bring the Carp onto the feed.
Magpie Lake is hosting Townsend AC this coming Sunday 13th November.  However there are still pegs available for pleasure anglers.

Day tickets for Magpie and Atkins are available on the bank

Magpie Lake has been much quieter this last week as far as the numbers fishing goes, but catches are holding up well with good bags of Carp coming out to those that have fished.
This is the time of year that the silver fish should start to show up more in catches and to prove the point the highlight of the week was a 2lb Roach to Paul Collins fishing on Peg 6.
The lake record stands at 2lb-06ozs caught in a Post Office match 5 years ago.
Paul returned to fish Atkins Water a few days later and landed a cracking Tench of 4-10.
Leland Water produced a 26lb 03oz Linear Mirror to Anglers Mail editor Ben Hervey-Murray, but has been generally quiet even for Fev Sevillono who had a rare blank.
A few small pike have been caught over the week.
Swan Rescue in the shape of the RSPCA were called to Leland Water yesterday.  We had a resident swan in obvious difficulty after loosing his or her mate recently.  It had been driven off the water by another pair from Corpus lake [next door] and needed help.  The RSPCA turned up and quickly accessed the swan as needing immediate care as it was infested with fly eggs.  RSPCA Inspector Lythgoe quickly captured the animal and has taken it to the RSPCA recovery unit at East Winch near Kings Lynn.  Hopefully we will be able to do a follow up good news  story in the near future.
Leland Water hasn't seen many anglers this last week, those who have fished have been on Day tickets.  They have caught just 3 twenties this week. Fev Sevillono again continues to dominate the catches with a 21lb Mirror and 2 commons of 17 and 25lbs.  Another 21-06 mirror was landed by a Mr Dean.

Day tickets are available for Leland Water in advance only from Tony Leadley 07966 487320

Magpie Lake continues to fish fairly well.  One angler caught 36 carp averaging around 2lb after using plenty of loose feed.  Phil London also had a good haul of 12 fish in a short morning session.
Atkins Water is still under fished but those who are trying are catching a few fish including one or two nice carp and roach.

Day tickets for Magpie and Atkins are available on the bank

Some of the old codgers of the committee have been busy clearing the island in Magpie.  Phil London, Hugh Reynolds and our new river bailiff, young Dan Owen, have been strimming and moving logs from the island in readiness for some more tree felling at the end of the month.

Phil on strimming duty.


We have several projects that need to be implemented around all the lakes but need some help.  Anyone willing to give us a hand with some maintenance and clearance give Tony Leadley a call on 07966 487320

Simon Neep with his 29lb-06oz Mirror from a couple of weeks ago. What a cracking fish, well done Simon.

Leland Water fish festival continues again this week. Day ticket anglers again are catching plenty of Carp, Notable catches from the week were Paul coached by Fev Sevillono on his first ever angling trip banked a fine Mirror of 20lbs 01oz and followed up with a Common of 25lbs 05ozs, back up fish included Bream and Tench. Returning visitors Marcus Flack and Scott Harwood had Commons of 22lb and 28lbs respectively. Anglers Mail features Editor, Ben Hervey-Murray, also shared in the bonanza with a nice 18lbs 4ozs Common [below]

Members attracted their fair share of the action as well, with James Barham taking 2 Mirror Carp of 21 and 22lbs plus a 27lb Common.  Not to be outdone Simon Neep banked a 26lb 08oz Mirror and a 9lb 08oz Common.
Atkins Water has had an improved attendance and with the upturn in numbers the number of fish coming out has increased with some really nice Carp showing up. One such fish of approx. 8lb is pictured below with captor Sean Murray.

Magpie Lake is again producing good bags with several anglers catching 10-20 fish at a sitting. Disabled angler Dave Barker had a short 2 hour session and netted 3 really nice Carp of around 6lbs each.  Dave, a former England international fly angler, fishes at Magpie on a weekly basis, as it possible to get a wheelchair to most of the swims. Waterbeach Angling Club hopes to encourage more disabled anglers to fish it's water in Landbeach.

The River Cam is again producing good bags of Bream, Rudd and with a few Roach beginning to show up on the lower river.
First 30lb Carp of the season from Leland Water.  Over the last week Leland Water has delivered some of it's biggest carp to day ticket anglers.
Day ticket angler Michael Cannell set the water alight with a personal best Mirror Carp of 32lbs Lee Scurl had red letter day as well with Common Carp of 26 and 19lbs plus a Mirror of 23lbs-08ozs. Fev Sevillono netted a 22lbs-04oz Common to add to his growing tally of Leland Carp.  There also a couple of small pike of 6lb and 4lb. Another 23-08 Common fell to Jason Waters who also netted a bonus 7lb Tench. Very few members have fished Leland this last week with the only successes being a 22lb-12oz Mirror to Mel Buddle and a 12lb-12oz to another member.

Lee Scurl with his 26lb Common.

Fev Sevillono with his 22-04

Leland Water Day tickets in advance only from Tony Leadley 07966 487320

Magpie continues to produce good catches of Carp with several catches in excess of 20 fish.
Atkins is a bit slow with not too many anglers fishing recently.
Meanwhile the River Cam is still giving up some of it's specimen Rudd.  A few reports of Pike are also beginning to surface.

Day tickets for the Cam, Magpie and Atkins are available on the bank.

Leland Water produced some excellent Carp fishing over the last week.  Day ticket angler James Elbrow topped the list with a fabulous Common of 28lbs-02ozs. Fev Sevillono banked another of 19lbs and Richard Ginn continued his run of success with a cracking Common of 17lbs 04ozs.  It seems Commons rule the roost for the day ticket anglers at present.
Members also made a good account of themselves with Simon Neep setting the pace with a fantastic Mirror Carp of 29lb 06ozs and another of just over 20lbs.  He had some nice Tench and a bream as backup fish.  Another Life member Dave Badcock banked another splendid Common of again just over 20lbs.  He also had a nice 5lb Tench in his short early morning session.
James Elbrow with his 28-02 Leland Water Common

Dave Badcock with his 20lb Leland Common

Leland Water Day tickets in advance only from Tony Leadley 07966 487320

Atkins water is still fishing reasonably well but again needs more anglers to get the best results.

Can we remind anglers that only 1 rod is allowed on Magpie and Atkins!

Magpie Lake continues to fish well, with many anglers getting good bags of Carp.  There were several 20 plus bags on Saturday and Sunday.  There are no matches planned for the next few weeks so all pegs are available throughout the whole weeks ahead.

Darren Turpin caught this fin perfect Common of 15lbs 03ozs in a huge catch he made recently.

Day tickets for Atkins Water and Magpie Lake are available on the bank

The River Cam is still producing Rudd and Bream to the regular anglers with many getting large bags of Bream as the river continues it's comeback to former glories.
Magpie Lake hosted Long Sutton AC for a 5 hour match today [Sunday].  They had mixed fortunes, the winner fishing peg 1, Simon Sutterby, netted 55lbs, all carp on paste, second place man Mark Johnson on peg 10 had 17lb again all Carp, third on peg 4 was John Peeling with 9lbs 08ozs. Annoyingly for the match anglers, local day ticket angler Martin Butler [Mr Browning] had a bonanza day within sight of the match, landing 29 carp for well over 100lb.  Martin also fished mid-week on the weeping willow swim where he landed 3 double figure fish amongst another big catch. Other pleasure anglers are still doing well with all the swims producing carp and a few silver fish.
Atkins Water is still producing a few fish but generally it's under-fished for such a nice setting.

Day tickets for Atkins Water and Magpie Lake are available on the bank

Leland Water produced the goods for life member, Pom Walia, when he and his two guests had 3 20lb+ carp The  best being a 25-08 Common, back up fish were 22-07, 21-04, 14, 11-06 and 9-04.  Bream to 5lbs also figured in their catch. Another life member Keith Ferris had a brace with a 21-03 Mirror and a 15lb Common.
Day Ticket anglers have also been catching a few decent carp. Leland regular Richard Ginn banked 2 Mirrors of 14lbs and 16lbs to luncheon meat. He also visited again later in the week and banked 2 more Commons of 15lbs and 17lbs respectively.  Fev Sevillino, another regular, caught a Common of 16lbs and a 12lb Mirror.  Other visitors have caught Perch, Roach, Rudd etc over the past week.

Day tickets in advance only from Tony Leadley 07966 487320

Leland Water again had a good few day ticket anglers over the last week.  Results again include some pike, not big ones but at least a few are beginning to show. Best fish of the week fell to Fev Sevillino with a a Mirror carp of 17lbs-08ozs. Tench to 5lbs-08 and some odd Roach were the other catches of the week.

Day tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley 07966 487320

Atkins Water has seen a quite week with few fishing.  Those who have fished nave been rewarded with mainly Bream and Carp.
Magpie Lake is still fishing well with some anglers posting weights up to 50-60lbs.
UK Power held a match on Magpie on Saturday. Results are not yet available.

Day tickets for Atkins Water and Magpie Lake are available on the bank

The River Cam at Bottisham Lock is still producing bags of Rudd.  There are now several cleared swims available below the lock. 
Leland Water has seen quite a few day ticket anglers this last week. Marcus Flack had a major success with a 22lb Common carp mid week while regular visitor Fev Sevillino banked 2 Commons of 14lb and 20lb respectively.  Others have had mixed results with tench and a few pike to 11lbs.
Member Mel Buddle managed 3 tench, 3 roach, 1 rudd and a pike of 10.5 lbs which he was lucky to land as it was lip hooked on 2 red maggots.
Day tickets in advance only from Tony Leadley 07966 487320
Atkins Water is still producing carp, tench and bream.  Best bag was 2 common [best 6lbs 08ozs], 2 mirrors, 2 bream, a few tench and a roach. Howard Wood took a Carp of 9lb on his FLY ROD which is bit different!
Magpie Lake has slowed somewhat, probably due to the heavy rain taking the temperature down a few degrees.  Pleasure anglers are still catching better in the afternoon and evening.
Saturday 17th September UK Power have a 25 peg match on Magpie so day tickets will be restricted until after 4pm.
Day tickets for Magpie and Atkins are available on the bank.
The River Cam had it's first match fished on it this season when Sindalls AC fished on Saturday. The match produced a good results with the excellent Rudd present in the river showing really well. 1st Place went to B Broady with a bag of 16lb of quality Rudd. 2nd place with 7lb-10ozs again mainly Rudd.
For more info see www.waterbeachac.co.uk
Magpie Lake hosted  the Chivers Angling Club for a match on Sunday. Weights weren't as high as expected but the top two anglers weighed in over 20lbs apiece. Top man was Brian Day with 23lbs of Carp, followed by Ian Baker with yet another 2nd place finish, with 20lbs exactly.  Third place went to John Jones with 9lbs.
Magpie is still producing good catches to day ticket anglers with the better results coming in the late afternoon and early evenings.
The next match booked at Magpie is Saturday September 10th when Sindall's Angling Club will be fishing.
Atkins Water has been quiet this last week with few anglers attending.  Those who have fished have been rewarded with some good bags of Carp, Bream and the occasional Tench.
Day tickets for Atkins Water and Magpie Lake are available on the bank!
Leland Water has seen quite a few day ticket anglers in the last week with mixed results.  Sadly many are not completing their catch returns so an accurate account can't be given. Those who have put in reports have had a few Tench and small Carp with the "one that got away" featuring in results.
Members have faired a bit better, the stand out result being from Tony Staines with a mega catch of Carp.  Topped with a 28lb 12oz Mirror followed by 2 more Mirrors of 24-03 and 22lbs. He also banked 2 20lb + Commons of 23-05 and 21-10.  His total for his visit was 11 Carp, 6 Tench and 4 Bream.
Day Tickets for Leland Water available only in advance from Tony Leadley 07966 487320

More info on our website www.waterbeachac.co.uk


Atkins Water produced some excellent weights in the Peter Edwards Memorial Match held on Saturday. Sam Hawkes fished a 13 metre pole on Peg 4 using maggot for a mixed bag of Carp and Silver fish weighing in at 46lbs 2ozs.  Sam was closely followed by Ian Baker who fished paste over liquidised corn for his 42lbs 8ozs also of Carp and Silver fish. Andy Hawkes took 3rd place fishing worm and caster for 21lbs of mainly silver fish plus 2 Carp. Notable catch went to Kevin Sands with 10lbs 08ozs of Roach.


1st S Hawkes    46lbs 02ozs

2nd I Baker       42lbs 08ozs

3rd A Hawkes   21lbs

4th J Osbourne 18lbs 08ozs.

Samís win means he retains the Trophy for another year

Sam with just some of his winning bag.

Magpie Lake hosted Littleport Ex-Service Mens AC also on Saturday and returned some excellent weights as well.


1st J Colder      84lbs 12ozs      Peg 10

2nd J Anslip       50lbs                Peg 29

3rd I Cuthbert   28lbs 04ozs      Peg 14

Magpie seems to produce good weights in the afternoon as nothing much was caught in the morning period, but come 2pm the lake Carp really switched on. Whispering Reeds suggests that perhaps cold water entering the lake from the previous day put the fish off until midday.  However water levels remain low, so we are still praying for more rain. Magpie in general is still performing well! Sunday [28th] for instance, Ian Waine caught 46 carp up to 10lbs, while Kevin Dumbrill [again] was struggling with only 16!  Ian had to stop fishing because of wrist strain [Magpie wrist].

Leland Water Keith Ferris returned [on his own] on Tuesday [22nd] to record a catch of 10 Bream to 5lbs 09ozs.  Mid-week fisherman, Ken Bingham, survived a night and half a day of heavy rain to bank 4 carp best a Common of  25lbs, followed by a 22lb 03oz Mirror and 2 more double figure Commons plus a bonus Tench of 5lbs 04ozs.  Most notable catch of the week was to local angler Mel Buddle, who always float fishes in the traditional style. Topping his catch of Roach, Perch, Rudd and Bream was a fine personal best Common Carp of 23lbs. Day ticket anglers have struggled with only 1 20lb 05oz Common being netted while there have been plenty of smaller fish caught.

Luke and James Ferris with a catch of Bream from Leland.
Keith, their Dad, is a 10 year member.
Leland Water. Following last weeks report one member Pom Walia, carried on with his 4 day/night session and it was all worthwhile as he landed carp 25-8, 16-8, 15 all commons plus mirrors of 19-8, 19, 12-8 and 11-8. Not to be outdone, one of his guests, Mark Reeves, banked 4 mirrors of 22, 21, 14, and 10lbs respectively. Not content with this productive catch, Pom returned later in the week to catch 3 commons of 25, 24-4, 23-7 plus 3 commons of 11-6 [x2], and 9-9.  His guest this time Stu Thompson, had 2 mirrors of 16, and 12-8  plus 3 tench between 3 and 4.5lbs.
Day ticket visitors have had mixed results, but catch of the week was 30lbs of bream to first time visitor Gareth Edwards with fish up to 5.75lbs. Towards the end of the week Richard Ginn banked a 15lb mirror and a 17lb common.  Fev Sevillino had a 22.5lb common on an extremely wet day.
Day tickets available in advance from Tony Leadley 07966 487320 Leland Water only.
Magpie lake is still producing plenty of fish, with regular visitor Kevin Dumbrill still on a roll with another catch of carp, 31 of between 4 and 11lbs on Sunday.
There has been just one match this week but the result is not to hand at present.
Atkins Water as with Magpie is producing good fish with carp, bream to the for.  The one that got away was played for 45 minutes, without being seen, before breaking the line.
Magpie and Atkins tickets available on the bank.
The River Cam downstream of Bottisham lock is producing some really good quality Rudd and also so decent Bream.  There are plans to clear some extra swims in that area.  Club cards are available in local tackle shops.
Leland Water is still producing plenty of Tench, Bream, Rudd and Roach to both day ticket anglers and members. Carp of 25-12, 24-08, 19-04 plus a couple of 17's were the main catches for members. Day Tickets available for Leland only are available in advance from Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487320.
Magpie Lake is again producing well for pleasure anglers, although mid week results for match anglers wasn't too good. However Sunday's match for Witchford AC was more of a result with top weight of 114-10. This match finished at 4pm and several quality fish to 6 or 7lbs were taken in the last hour, proving the point that the best fishing appears to be late afternoon and early evening.








Just one from the winning catch in Sunday's match!


Atkins Water is still producing the odd Carp plus Bream and Tench.  Day tickets on both Magpie and Atkins are available on the bank. The following image is of Brian Day's 14lb 8oz Carp from Atkins water last week.


More info on Waterbeach AC is available on the club website www.waterbeachac.co.uk

Leland Water hasn't seen many anglers in the last week but those who have bought day tickets have been rewarded with some nice fish. Fev Sevillino [again] has banked Common Carp to 23lbs 07ozs and mirrors up to 20lbs 08ozs. He also banked a rare [to Leland] Ghost carp of 8lb all these in one session.  He followed these up with 2 more commons a few days later weighing 22lbs 05ozs and 23lb. Day tickets for Leland Water only are available from Tony Leadley  Tel: 07966 487320.
Ben Hervey-Murray had 2 Commons of 23-09 and 18-04 while others have netted Bream and Tench to 5lbs,
Members are noticeable by their absence but Mel Buddle has been making the most of his retirement catching plenty of roach, rudd and bream plus 3 Tench to 4lbs 02oz all caught on float fishing tactics.
Atkins Water report is much the same as last week with fish moving in the mid afternoon to evening.  WAC member Brian Day tested himself and his light tackle with a 14lb 8oz Carp.
Also Atkins Water hosts the Peter Edwards Memorial Match on Saturday August 27th Draw 9am Fish 10am - 3pm Further details Tel: 01223 812050. Peter was a prominent member of Waterbeach Angling Club for many years. Day Tickets available on the bank.
Magpie Lake has had another visit from Kevin Dumbrill who continues to to catch vast numbers of Magpie's carp, this time when our correspondent [Whispering Reeds!] left him he was looking to catch carp number 40!!
Ware AC fished on Sunday the 7th with mixed results, see below for those results. Finishing at 3pm was perhaps to early as most of the carp came in the hour leading up to the final whistle. In fact 3 carp were being played as the whistle sounded and were landed within the time allowed [15minutes].
The water levels in all 3 lakes are low and we are all praying for some substantial rain to fall in the next few weeks. Day Tickets are available on the bank.
Leland Water. Members and their guests have enjoyed some good fishing in the last week. Several mixed bags of Bream, Roach and Tench have netted along with carp to 25lb.  Mark Johnson caught carp of 25-12 and 22lb while guests of another member had mirrors of 19lb and 19-8 plus commons of 17-8 and 15-4.

Water manager Tony Leadley had an early morning session for a bag of 8 Tench to 6lb-2ozs plus some nice bonus Rudd!

Day ticket anglers have also produced some nice carp to 16lb.  Highlight for one lucky [skilful?] angler, Dan Owen, was a personal best Tench of 7lb.Day tickets can be booked by calling Tony Leadley on 07966 487320.

More details on our website www.waterbeachac.co.uk
Atkins Water is producing mainly Carp and Bream but silver fish are harder to come by.  Afternoon and early evening are the productive times although I'm sure an early morning start would also show some good results.
Magpie Lake again is producing large quantities of Carp. The last match results are not to hand at present but pleasure anglers are recording good bags.  Prime times are again the same as for Atkins Water, afternoon and early evening! Ware Angling Club have a 20 peg match on Sunday August the 7th so the lake will be closed 10am - 4pm after which day tickets will again be available on the bank.
Magpie Lake has produced some great catches for several pleasure anglers over the last 2 weekends. In particular Kevin Dumbrill [below] from Cambridge has had an amazing run. On the 17th he netted 28 Carp between 3 and 8lbs and on the 23rd he bettered that with a catch of 31 fish up to 12lbs but then topped both previous catches with a 38 fish haul of fish between 3 and 9lbs.

Magpie Lake. Day ticket anglers have been catching up to 30 Carp at a sitting on a good day for an estimated 100 - 120lbs.  Best times seem to been afternoon and evenings.
Atkins Water. Sport has been patchy of late but Bream have been featuring in recent catches with Carp hugging the island edges.  Carp are coming to inline feeder tactics.
Leland Water. Since the opening of the season, club members have caught 35 sizable Carp.  11 over 20lbs [best Mirror 29lbs, best Common 25lbs 10ozs]. Day ticket anglers in the same period have banked 24 Carp [best 28lbs 14ozs, best Common 27lbs 05ozs] A personal best Common of 27lbs 05ozs fell to regular day ticket angler Fev Sevilleno. Well done Fev!
There have been many Bream and Tench caught with the best Bream at 7lbs 08oz and the best Tench weighed in at 7lbs 09oz. A further brace of 6lb fish were caught on the same day.

Match Results

Townsend AC Magpie Lake 13th November
1st R Wilson 41lbs 14ozs Peg 13
2nd M Kirk 12lbs 04ozs Peg 12
3rd D Burns 10lbs 03ozs. Peg 2
Long Sutton AC Magpie Lake 25th Sept.
1st Simon Sutterby 55lbs Peg 1 all carp on flavoured paste
 2nd Mark Johnson 17lb Peg 10 all Carp
 3rd John Peeling 9lbs 08ozs Peg 4
Sindalls AC River Cam 10th Sept.
1st B Broady 16lb
2nd T Faint 7lb 10ozs
Saturday 27th August Peter Edwards Memorial fished on Atkins Water

1st S Hawkes    46lbs 02ozs

2nd I Baker       42lbs 08ozs

3rd A Hawkes   21lbs

4th J Osbourne 18lbs 08ozs.

Samís win means he retains the Trophy for another year
Saturday 27th August Littleport Ex-Service Men's AC fished on Magpie

1st J Colder      84lbs 12ozs      Peg 10

2nd J Anslip       50lbs               Peg 29

3rd I Cuthbert   28lbs 04ozs      Peg 14
Sunday 14th August Witchford AC
1st Craig N 114lbs-10ozs Paste
2nd Alan 51lbs-00ozs
3rd Chris 22lbs-00ozs
Saturday August 13th Albion Ladies
No result to hand.
Tuesday August 9th Bob Chapman Match Group on Atkins Water
1st Bob Chapman 8lb Peg 6 Caster
2nd George Joyce 5lb Peg 14
3rd Derek Kendrick 4lb 12oz Peg 4
3rd Brian Newman 4lb 12oz Peg 9
Mainly Roach and Bream featuring in all catches.
Sunday August 7th Ware AC
1st Kevin Hasler 38lbs 04ozs Peg 17
2nd Andy Dupplaw 30lbs 15ozs Peg 19
3rd Richard Beston 18lbs 06ozs Peg 3
4th Tony Parker 16lbs 09ozs Peg 18
Sunday July 30th Golden Lion AC
No result to hand
Sunday July 17th Barking & Dagenham AC 20 pegs
1st 67lbs Peg1  Paste and pellet
2nd 60lbs 04oz Peg 14 Paste and pellet
3rd 52lbs 03oz Peg 4 Sweetcorn
4th 50lbs 06oz Peg 16 Flavoured paste and sweetcorn
Saturday 25th June Papworth Trust 30 pegs
1st 30lbs 02oz Peg 16 Sweetcorn
2nd 28lbs 07oz Peg 15 Cheese
3rd 23lbs Peg 5
Sunday June 12th Enfield 20 pegs
No results declared
Tuesday June 7th Cambs Fire Service 20 pegs
No result to hand
Sunday June 5th B Holden 28 pegs
No result to hand
Monday May 30th John Holmes Memorial 30 peg
No result to hand
Sunday May 29th John Holmes Memorial 30 pegs
No result to hand
22nd May Nathan Missen Memorial match
1st Simon Easey 98 - 00 Peg 8
2nd A Kleen 81 - 05 Peg 24
3rd Tony Watling 79 - 12 Peg 18
28 Fished this the 1st Nathan Missen Memorial match.  The match raised £604 towards Andy's Ark charity. See www.andys-ark.org.uk Thanks are due to all the sponsors and all those that took part.


Simon Easey receiving the trophy from Kevin Sands [WAC]


14th May Match at Magpie V E Parrott
1st Pete ??? 22 - 13 No peg numbers
2nd Steve ??? 13 - 06
3rd Nick ??? 11 - 01
8th May
1st C Mayle 83 - 11 Peg 15
2nd Billy Bowers 57 -04 Peg 3
3rd Alan Rutter 36 - 08 Peg 14
17th April Napp Lab.
1st Dave Kesley 22 - 02 Peg 18
2nd Mike Lynch 20 - 15 Peg 3
3rd Peter Jordan 16 - 00 Peg 12
9th February 2011. Magpie Lake is producing a few Carp with the best being 14lb.  Some nice Roach as well from both Magpie and Atkins Water.
Leland has produced well for one lucky angler who in 4 recent sessions has had 10 Carp from 11lb 13ozs to 31lb 05ozs!!. Well done that man!!


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