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29th December 2012
Good news on water levels!!  All 3 lakes are now at or very near top levels today.  Leland is still a little down but is expected to be a top level early in the new year.
Very few anglers have ventured out over the holiday period although a good turnout of life members on Leland was good to see.
Catches over the holiday period from Leland included Mr X, our publicity shy angler, netting a 23lb 12oz Mirror and also a 16lb 09oz Mirror making his Christmas complete!  Greg English also netted 2 Mirrors of 19lb 08ozs and 23lb 02ozs, Greg fished a night/day session to get his fish.  1 or 2 pike have shown up as well, the best at 14lbs to R. Sherratt a day ticket angler.  Ian Lewis had a couple of trips to catch 5 pike between 6 and 8lbs.
Magpie and Atkins are full to overflowing but hardly anyone has fished on them over the last week or so.  Those that have had great sport with several good carp coming out and  loads of Roach.  Martin Butler fishing Magpie had landed 12 good Carp and around 50 Roach when I visited him today. Martin is pictured below with a Carp around the 7lb mark.

Atkins also produced some good bags of Roach with one angler netting around 40 in a short 3 hour session.  His catch included several over the pound mark.
Prospects again are looking good provide we don't get any freezing conditions.
Day Tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487 320.  Day tickets for Atkins, Magpie and the river
are available on the bank
14th December 2012
Sadly there is little to report from Waterbeach Road.  The cold and icy weather of the last week or so seems to have put most anglers off.  Only one or two are venturing out.  Even with ice on Magpie lake one or two Carp are still feeding and regular on Magpie, Keith Newman, had a short session in which he landed 4 nice fish including a Perch of over a pound.
Atkin's Water has been un-fished for several days.
Leland Water has produced little as well even though there have been one or two diehards on there.
The good news is that all the lakes will be ICE FREE from today especially as the milder weather comes in.  Combined with our pumps and paddle wheels all waters are ready to welcome back all our anglers. Below photo shows Leland on the 13th Dec.

Day Tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487 320.  Day tickets for Atkins, Magpie and the river
are available on the bank
6th December 2012
The weather is dictating the fishing at present.  Very few are venturing out apart from one or two stalwarts.
Magpie Lake is getting a few anglers each day, there's a small about of ice on the water but 90% remains open and fishable. Anglers are catching mainly Carp with a few Perch and Roach as well.
Atkins Water is similar to Magpie but being more open has less ice but sadly less anglers.  No catches of note to report.
Leland Water has ice on the sheltered areas but in the main is very fishable.  Our Mr X seems be targeting Bream as he has improved on last weeks personal best from Leland with another 2ozs larger at 6lb 8ozs.  He also landed a Common Carp  of 10lb 02ozs.
No reports from the River Cam but at least it's within it's banks and running normally.
29th November 2012
Leland Water over the week ending the 25th again saw some good catches.  Few are fishing at present so may be missing out on some good sport. Member Greg English had an overnight session and landed a 9lb Common a 26lb 08oz Mirror and an unseasonable Tench on what was a cold and wintry night.  Mr X was fishing a day or so later and landed a Common of 17lb and Mirrors of 10lb 08ozs and 17lbs and a bonus Bream of 6lb 6ozs hopefully he went away happy? There have been very few day ticket anglers on Leland Water so not anything to report.
Magpie Lake is still producing Carp to the few that are fishing there, plus the Roach are still showing to those who are setting out to catch them
Atkins Water is producing a few small Roach plus the occasional Chub, very few Carp are being caught.
The River Cam is virtually unfishable with the big flows following the heavy rain of late.
18th November 2012
Leland Water has produced some good catches over the last week inspite of the cold, damp weather we have experienced.  Our publicity shy member, Mr X, had a really successful session with no less than 4 Carp.  These weighed: Commons of 29lb 02ozs and 10lbs; Mirrors of 17lb and 13lbs 09ozs.  Chris Richards also had a good day with Mirrors of 16lb 14ozs and Commons of 16lbs and 10lbs plus the inevitable 2 that got away.  16lb fish seem to be in vogue at present when Peter White also netted a 16lb Common. Hopefully there will be a few more out over the next week.
Magpie Lake and Atkin's Water are seeing very view anglers at present, which is strange as both produced good catches to those that did fish.  Magpie has produced some good Roach along with an abundance of Carp.  Keith Newman landed a nice sized Perch of just over the pound mark to help celebrate his 75th Birthday and his wedding anniversary.  I'm pleased to see he's got his priorities right ;o) Atkin's is still turning out good catches of Roach with the odd Chub thrown in.
Catches have slowed down a bit towards the end of the week, but with the promise of a mild spell of weather prospects again look good for the week ahead.
The River Cam is still pushing through hard and no reports have come in.
Day Tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487 320.  Day tickets for Atkins, Magpie and the river
11th November 2012
Atkin's Water and Magpie Lake have produced some good catches over the week.  Anglers have made contact with the newly stocked fish in both lakes.  The Chub in Atkin's have been showing well in catches along side some nice Roach.  The newly stocked Carp in Magpie are also showing up well.  Regular angler Len Proctor caught at least 3 or 4 of them in a 20 fish catch last Monday [5th Nov].
Leland Water has been throwing up some nice Carp again, with Fev Sevillono taking his share yet again  with fish to 14lb and 16lb. 

Dave Badcock from Waterbeach broke his duck of several weeks, when he netted a cracking Mirror of 24lbs 4ozs.  He also connected with two others but lost both of them in weed.  Other fish to come out was a 25lb 04oz to Brendan [no sir name left] and a 18lb Common to another unnamed angler. Other fish to show included some smallish pike to 5lbs and a few Roach and Bream.
If the weather holds the prospects are looking good, a bit like Leland Water at Sunset pictured below

Contrary to popular belief Leland Water is a DAY TICKET water.  Day Tickets are limited to 6 per day on weekdays and 4 per day on weekends.
The only stipulation is that Day Tickets must be booked in advance with our Ticket Manager, Tony Leadley. Call Tony on 07966 487 320 to book your ticket on this very special water.
All our other waters allow you to purchase your day ticket on the bank.
4th November 2012


Restocking of Atkin's Water and Magpie Lake took place this weekend!

Atkin's received a stocking of approx. 100 Chub to enhance the winter fishing.

Magpie also received a similar number of fish, but this time a mixture of Mirror and Common Carp of approx. 1lb each.

Day tickets for Atkins, Magpie and the river Cam are available on the bank.


Leland Water was also given an extra 160lb of Common and Mirror Carp in the 10lb - 12lb range.

Day Tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487 320.

4th November 2012
Leland Water provided 2 nice Carp for regular angler Fev Sevillono in the week.  Best fish was a Mirror of 28lb 02ozs preceded by a Common of 18lbs 14ozs, both pictured below.  Both fish fell top a "Snowman" rig and were his only fish of the day.

Another of 18lb was banked by another regular later in the week.
Atkin's Water is still producing nice bags of Roach to the few who have fished over the last week.  The odd Carp is still coming out and this week Atkin's regular, Richard Mee, netted a nice Mirror of 13Ĺlb [below]

Magpie Lake hasn't been easy this week, but as always there are some that are catching quite good numbers of Carp.  One nice Roach of 1lb 12ozs has also shown up in one anglers catch.
28th October 2012
Magpie Lake hosted the Waggon and Horses AC today.  Not the best of days as it was cold and damp, but some reasonable weights were achieved. 1st Place went to Nick Ohlemann with a mainly Carp catch of 29lbs; 2nd was Ian Thornton with 17lbs and 3rd was Nigel Marshall with 14lbs.
Magpie is still producing good catches to pleasure anglers with bread punch and cheese being the favoured baits.
Atkin's Water is still patchy but a few stalwarts are getting some nice catches of roach.
Leland Water is still quiet with few fishing so no quality catches being made.  Fish to 16lbs have been the best of the bunch with 2 others at 10lb.  A few bream are coming out with ticket manager Tony Leadley leading the way with a 5lb 12oz fish. Mel Buddle had a nice catch of 17 Roach and Perch mid-week, many of the Roach were Ĺlb+.
Anglers wanting to fish Leland will find some small bank restrictions [Pig Farm] as there is some tree felling taking place at the weekends on Saturdays.  This will be ongoing for another 2 to 3 weeks.
Day Tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487 320.  Day tickets for Atkins, Magpie and the river Cam are available on the bank.
22nd October 2012
Atkins Water is fishing well, with Roach again being the main quarry.  Several of our regulars are catching really well and we hope things can only get better.  Fine tackle on the pole is favoured method at present.
Magpie Lake is still producing Carp to those fishing at present. Strong cheese seems to be the favoured successful bait of the moment.  Fish to 17lb have been the real highlight of the last week.
Magpie is closed on Sunday 28th for the last match of this year from 9am - 3pm.
Leland Water has been quiet for both catches and anglers.  No too many fishing it and not many fish are coming out.  Only 3 double figure Carp have been caught the best of them weighed in at 16lb 12ozs. Mel Buddle however had a good session when he fished mid week.  He had a total of 17 Roach and 6 Perch.  Many of the Roach were around 8 - 10ozs.  Other catches included several Bream plus a few small Pike. The Pike fishing could improve with the 1st frosts promised over this next week.
No reports from the River Cam.
Day Tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487 320.  Day tickets for Atkins, Magpie and the river Cam are available on the bank.
16th October 2012

Keeping our lakes up to scratch!   Just some of the work that goes on behind the scenes. 


10 one ton capacity bags of leaves cleared from Magpie burning merrily.

15th October 2012
Magpie Lake continues to fish well with plenty of Carp coming out.  Obviously the catch rate varies from day to day but some anglers are getting consistently good numbers with some exceeding over 20 fish in a session.  There are a few more Roach showing up in catches as the weather turns colder.  Prospects are still good for the coming week although the weather continues to play a big part in the catch rate.
Atkin's Water  hosted Barrington Angling Club on Saturday 13th.  Roach seemed to be the main species caught but no big weights were taken on the day by the match anglers.  There was room for a couple of pleasure anglers available on the day and both had good catches of Roach but mainly Bream. 
The match was won with 3lb 5ozs by Steve Speed who actually had the same weight as second placed Teri Watorowski but won by catching the biggest fish.
Leland Water again has seen few visitors.  One lucky angler, Matt Dunn, equalled the Lake record for Common Bream with a specimen of 7lb 01oz [pictured below] with some other hefty specimens to back this up.  Marcus Flack banked a 20lb Common to make his day.  Simon Neep tried a short night session and bagged 4 Bream.  Pike are becoming more active and Pom Walia managed to tempt 5 Pike to 7lb in an afternoon session. The weed is finally showing major signs of dropping away so prospects are looking good for the next week or so as we head nearer to Winter.

Day Tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487 320.  Day tickets for Atkins, Magpie and the river Cam are available on the bank.
The River Cam is flowing strongly yet again and few are venturing out.  Those that have are catching mainly small Roach and Rudd.
8th October 2012
Magpie Lake is fishing well at present with several anglers getting over a dozen fish and some over 20.  Also some of the bigger fish are showing well with several caught at 9lb plus.  Several anglers are encountering some real biggies and getting broken or hooks straightened.  Len Proctor has been back again and has again had in excess of 25 fish. Providing we continue to get a bit of sunshine prospects remain good.
Atkin's Water is producing Roach to those few who are fishing.  Not many Carp are coming out, but there are a few skimmer Bream amongst those Roach hauls.  Again prospects are good and improving for catching those silver fish.
Leland Water has been disappointing after the highs of the previous weeks.  Very few anglers fishing so not many fish coming out.  The lake is crystal clear so stealth is important when trying to catch those elusive Carp.
1st October 2012
Len Proctor is back from his Norfolk vacation and visited Magpie on Monday.  30+ Carp caught in a 4 hour session. Below is just one of them.

30th September 2012
Leland Water.  Surprisingly few anglers ventured onto Leland last week.  Those that did were rewarded with some nice fish.  Day ticket angler, Chris Mackay, had a personal best Mirror Carp at 24lb 04ozs and Matt Dunn had 2 nice Bream of 7lb and 6lb 04ozs. Dean Cooper had a 15lb 08oz Common.  Member James Barham's guest had a 14lb Common.
Magpie Lake has been a bit slow over the last week but one or two anglers are getting some good results.  Contrary to last week, early morning has seen the best results.  However as the week has progressed the late afternoon has been producing.
Atkin's Water again is quiet but again as with Magpie one or two are getting amongst the fish.
Day tickets are available on the bank for both Magpie and Atkins, while Leland tickets are bookable in advance only from Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487 320

29th September 2012

The pictures below are not what I like to be reporting on our website! TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME


Hidden in the fork of a tree on Leland Water.  Anyone found discarding line or litter will be BANNED.

Discarded line KILLS, take it home and dispose of it safely.

23rd September 2012
Leland Water really took off last week with no less than 12 twenty pound plus fish!  Leading the way with numbers caught was Fev Sevillono who caught 4 Carp on Wednesday weighing in at 23-08,  20-07, 22-01 and 10-07.     
Paul Carr had 3 Carp with the best a cracking 26-08 Mirror.
Life Member James Barham had 2 visits in the week and landed 5 Carp, 5 Mirrors of14-00, 19-08, 23-00, 25-08 and 26-04, plus a Mirror of 17.
Other Members Stuart Thompson and Pom Walia caught Commons of 24-00, 25-00 and 25-12.
Pom also caught the same mirror twice within minutes of returning it at 27-00.  Others caught Bream and Tench plus a few Roach.
All in all a pretty good week!

Fev Sevillono with his 3 twenties caught on Wednesday from Leland Water

Magpie Lake has again been fishing well although the colder nights are making early morning fishing a bit more difficult.  Afternoon results have been good with some of the regular anglers taking good numbers of carp.
Atkin's Water is again fishing well on occasions.  Regulars are doing well on the pole with catches of Roach getting better by the day.  A few carp are still coming out, plus the bonus of some nice Crucian Carp.  The cooler weather should see a big improvement in the Roach and Bream fishing for all.
The River Cam isn't getting much attention and reports are limited although as with Atkin's the Roach fishing should be improving.
16th Sept. 2012
Magpie Lake is again fishing really well with many catches running into double figures of Carp caught.  Keith Newman fishing mid-week caught a fin perfect Common of approx 12lbs [see below] Some anglers are finding the mornings until 10am are best and again in the afternoon from 4.30pm.  The middle of the day has been quiet.

Atkin's Water has been steadily improving through the week and as Autumn sets in anglers can expect to see Roach featuring more in their catches.  Regular at Atkin's, Richard Mee, has already been amongst the Roach when he fished earlier last week.  He took  good numbers of Roach on the pole fishing hard to the island.
Leland Water is still producing some heavyweight Carp.  Jon Wood fishing as a guest of Tony Staines took the biggest fish of the week with a 28lb 6oz Common.  Fev Sevillono had Carp of 11lb 5ozs and 17lb 7oz [see below], while Matt Dunn had a 23lb 14oz Common.  Colin Brett fished just one night for a 14lb Common.  A few Pike have started to show up in catches but they are mainly small fish.

9th Sept. 2012
Magpie Lake is still performing well with many anglers catching numbers well into double figures. ome have caught bags of up to 35 fish in a 4 hour session.  Good size fish as well as was seen in today's Royal Exchange AC match where the biggest fish weighed in at 9lb 13ozs.
Top weight was 39lb 8ozs by Trevor Shaw on Peg 20, 2nd was Dave Pennywood with 35lb 6ozs and 3rd was Andy with 32lb 9ozs.  The bright sunshine slowed catches after a good start but the catch rate improved again as the sun got lower in the afternoon.
Atkin's Water on the other hand is not so easy.  Still some quality fish coming out but there's not the big weights of a few weeks back.  Still some nice Bream and Tench being caught along with a few nice Roach, but it isn't easy. Below images show Richard Shingfield with a Carp of 12lb 12ozs and Christine Betson with 5lb 8ozs Bream, both taken from Atkin's Water on Prawn and Maggot cocktail.


Leland Water is still producing some quality fish. Regular Leland angler, Richard Ginn started the week off with a 26lb 12ozs Mirror and a 15lb 12oz Common.  He then returned to round off the week with 2 more doubles of 16lb and 14lb both Commons.  Don Wood landed a 23lb 14oz Mirror and Fev Sevillono landed Commons of 13lb 8ozs and 21lbs 8ozs along with some Bream and Tench.
2nd Sept. 2012
The River Cam was the venue for the Sindall's AC Match on Saturday.  The match was won by Paul Faint with 12lb 8oz, 2nd was Dave Brady with 8lb 4oz while 3rd was Steve White with 3lb 4oz.
Magpie again fished extremely well in the early part of the week, with some big catches of over 30 fish yet again.  Cheese seems to be a favourite bait at present although I'm not sure which flavour! Andy York had a cracking days sport on Sunday with around 20 fish.  He eventually ran out of bait after giving most of it to some young anglers who were struggling to catch. Well done Andy.
Atkin's Water has been a bit hit and miss yet again, however some regular anglers are doing well with Carp but with some quality Roach and Bream showing well.  One or two young anglers are making the most of their last few days of the summer holidays, Ben Mansfield being one of them.  Ben has been catching consistently on the pole using both hemp and worm to tempt some of the Roach and Bream.
Leland Water is still performing well.  The weed problem of the last few months seems to be improving since the club installed a paddle wheel.  This is being reflected in the catches of the last couple of weeks.
Pom Walia and his guest had a bumper catch of 12 Carp ranging from 8lb to 24lb.  Their catch include 7 doubles and 4 twenties.  Stuart Thompson and his guest also caught well with 2 twenties [best 25lb] and 4 doubles.  Dan Owen caught a personal best 24lb Mirror [below]

Other catches included even more Carp plus bream and Tench.  Prospects are looking good as we move into Autumn.
26th August 2012
Leland Water has had a brilliant week with many double figure and 20lb+ Carp coming out to both Members and Day ticket anglers.  Day ticket angler Matt Place landed Commons of 22lb 04oz and 25lb, Dan Owen landed a 17lb 15oz Comon, Fev Sevillino landed Mirrors of 17lb 10oz and 18lb 05oz plus a Common of 21lb 10oz.  James Elbrow landed a Mirror of 19lb 01oz while another regular Richard Ginn had a 17lb 08oz Common.
Members landed fish a total of 13 Carp right across the weight range of 11lb to 24lb, while the fish of the week fell to Julian Hill a fully scaled Mirror of 26lb 14oz.
Many good size Bream were also landed along with some nice Tench and the occasional Perch.
Day Tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley Tel: 07966 487 320
Atkin's Water has fished reasonably well but lacks some consistency from day to day.  There are still some really nice Carp coming out to double figures but they have proved difficult to find some days.
Magpie Lake however has produced some big catches over the last week with many catches exceeding 30 fish.  As many of these fish are in the 3-4lb bracket the weights of these catches can easily exceed 100lbs.
There is a match on Magpie next Sunday, September 2nd, so the lake will be closed from 9am - 4pm for day tickets.  However check on the board at the lake incase there are pegs available for pleasure anglers.
Both Magpie and Atkin's are day ticket waters with tickets available on the bank.
The River Cam is still producing a few Bream and Rudd, but after Saturday's downpours I expect the River will be running high yet again this coming week, in fact it was over it's banks on Sunday evening.
20th August 2012
Leland Water has seen a few more anglers this last week and with the additional anglers the catches have improved.  Member Tony Staines and his guest netted Commons of 26lb 4oz, 22lb 3oz plus Mirrors of 15lb, 14lb and 10lb.  They also had a bumper catch of Bream[15] and Tench.  Other members landed Commons of 24lb 5oz, 22lb and 13lb.
Day ticket anglers have had a good week with carp of 12lb 09oz, 13lb, 15lb, 18lb, 17lb and 20lb 10oz. Other catches have included some quality Rudd, Bream and Tench.
Atkin's Water as seen below, has been producing some nice Carp.  Bream and small Roach have also featured in catches.
Magpie Lake  has been busy and plenty of big catches being taken.  Cheese and worms seem to be in vogue at present with Babybel the favourite.
The River Cam is now running clear but with plenty of Cabbage weed making things difficult.  Catches of Bream and the odd Carp being the norm.
Another cracking Atkin's Mirror Carp of 8lb 8ozs caught by Owen Peck.  These Carp are in fantastic condition and put up a fantastic fight. Well done Owen!
13th August 2012
Magpie Lake has fished really well over the last week with catches of 20 plus fish being taken all around the lake.  Several fish into double figures have also featured in quite a few catches.  Water levels have dropped slightly but are still above last years levels at this time. Prospects are still looking good.
Atkin's Water as with Magpie has fished well, although not as prolific as Magpie, it has the bonus of many more species to target.  Bream are featuring well as are some quality Roach.  Reports of a 24lb Carp have been mentioned, I'm awaiting the photo.  Several other biggish Carp are coming out up to 15lbs.  Again water levels are dropping slightly but with more rain forecast this isn't a problem.  As with Magpie prospects are looking good.
Leland Water hasn't seen a lot of anglers over the last week.  Those members who have fished have been rewarded with some nice Rudd and the odd Carp to 14lb.  Day ticket anglers have faired slightly better with Carp of 17lbs and 12lbs plus some Tench to Fev Sevillono. Richard Ginn was again amongst the big fish with a 24lb Common.
Day Tickets are available on the bank for Magpie and Atkin's, Leland Water day tickets must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley 07966 487 320
River Cam is producing some nice Bream catches and the occasional Carp but again not many are fishing.  Anglers could do well by fishing the evenings, as that's a good time to target the quality Rudd that are present in the river downstream Bottisham lock.
Club cards [distance restrictions apply] and Day Tickets are available on the bank or in the village at Rosemary Stores, in Rosemary Road.
6th August 2012
Leland Water has been very quiet again this week with only a few Bream and small Carp coming out to members. The one highlight of the past week was Richard Ginn who bagged a 24lb Common.
Atkin's Water is still fishing well with plenty of Bream and Carp coming out.  Young Jack Turpin [pictured below] caught a personal best Roach of 8ozs.
Magpie Lake was a bit on and off last week, but when it was on it really was on with some really heavy bags coming out.  Many catches of up to 40 Carp were taken on last weekend.
The River Cam is still fining down after the floods of a week or so back.  Those trying their luck haven't had the best results.  However if the rain holds off the fishing should pick up.
Day tickets for Magpie and Atkin's are available on the bank.  Leland Water day tickets must be booked in advance by calling Tony Leadley on 07966 487 320
29th July 2012
Leland Water has had a quiet week.  Best fish from a member was a 20lb Common.  Steve Johnson had a short session and landed 2 Commons of 11lbs and 18lbs.  There have been several Tench caught as well up to 6lbs.  Day ticket angler Fev Sevillono was again amongst the Carp with Mirrors of 20lb 08ozs and 19lbs 05ozs in midweek. Fev also caught several nice Bream, as did Dan Owen. Dan Cooper netted a 14lb Common and 6 bream.
Magpie Lake has seen few anglers but those who have fished have had some good results.  The main catch has been Roach but quite a few Carp have also been banked.  There's plenty of water in Magpie after the heavy rain of the last few weeks so prospects look good.
Atkin's Water however has been very busy.  Many Junior anglers are taking advantage of the reduced prices of the Club card and they are catching plenty of fish as can be seen below.  Plenty of pristine Carp are being caught along with Bream and Tench.  Prospects continue to be good.
The River Cam is still carrying plenty of water, but is quite fishable.  Catches are mainly small Roach but with careful baiting big catches of Bream should be possible.  Day tickets are available on the river bank.


Jonathan Turpin with a 7lb 12oz Common Carp & Richard Koehler with a 14lb Mirror from Atkin's.


22nd July 2012
Leland Water has been relatively quite over the last 2 weeks even with quite a few Members and their guests fishing.  Best of the 1st week went to Julian Hill and James Barham who both netted 17lb Commons.  Quite a few smaller Carp were caught along with Tench and Bream
Day ticket anglers faired some what better, especially Leland regular Richard Ginn who took Commons of 26lbs and 2 Mirrors of 25lb, 13lb 12ozs.  Dan Owen had Commons of 17lb 12ozs and 22lbs 08ozs.
Richard Ginn returned later in the week to bag another brace of Commons this time at 26lbs 05ozs and 23lbs exactly.
Lee Scurl also netted a 26lb 08oz Mirror and A. Carstairs caught a 23lb Mirror.
Last weekend 21st/22nd was very quiet with few fishing and very little caught as a consequence.
Atkins Water and Magpie lake have been extremely popular over the same weekend, probably the better weather has brought out all the anglers.  Results have been good on both waters but Atkins is probably producing better fish especially double figure Carp.  Bags of Roach and Bream are also being caught all around the lake.
Some of the Junior Cub members have asked for a Junior Records list to be setup for Atkin's Water, so we will be taking submissions for records from Junior Club Card holders.  Club cards are just £5 for the whole season to March 14th 2013 for Juniors [15 and under]
Atkin's Water hosted the Royal Exchange Angling Club on Sunday 22nd.  Winner was Peter Briggs, Bradley Moore was second and Trevor Shaw third.  Catches were made up of Carp and Roach with the odd Bream.


 Jonathan Turpin's 5lb Atkin's Tench, his first ever!

8th July 2012
Both Magpie Lake and Atkin's Water were in action today as venues for both our Veterans and Juniors matches.
First up were the Veterans on Magpie Lake.  WAC stalwart Brian Day landed 13lb to take 1st place, 2nd was Phil London with 4lb 6ozs, and the 3rd angler was Richard Mee with 2lb 8ozs.

"The Veterans", Phil London, Brian Day, Richard Mee

The afternoon saw the juniors fishing in atrocious conditions on Atkin's Water, but 1st overall and over 12,s winner with a fine 23lb was Zak Osbourne who also also scooped a pellet waggler rod from sponsor Michael and Fionna Dunne from Willow Grange, 2nd in this age group was Chloe Easey with 10lb. Zak Osbourne won the Wyatt Cup for his efforts.
The under 12's group was won by 8 year old Tegan Easey with a great weight of 20lb, this also gave Tegan second place overall in the match, 2nd in this age group was young Peter McAdam with 2lb 4ozs. Tegan Easey won the Chapman cup for his catch.


             Zak Osbourne.                                        Tegan Easey, Zak Osbourne, Chloe Easey & Jack Pease.

The Junior winners were presented with the following cups:
Wyatt cup: Zak Osbourne 23lb
Chapman cup: Tegan Easey 20lb
James Wells trophy best specimen fish: Tegan Easey carp 6lb
Harradine cup best tryer: Peter McAdam
Waterbeach Angling Club would like to thank our sponsors Willow Grange, Mick Dant of Waterside Angling Supplies, and Coopers Tackle for the trophies and gift voucher and for their continued sponsorship year after year.
3rd July 2012
The River Cam below Bottisham Lock has turned up a good catch of Bream to Daniel Owen and his brother Gary. With an estimated weight of 125lb the catch was made up of fish between 4 and 6lbs.

Leland Water has produced another great catch for regular day ticket angler, Richard Ginn.  Richard caught 2 Commons at 22lbs 8ozs and 11lb 6ozs, but these were topped by 2 Mirrors of 24lbs 12ozs and 21lbs 12ozs.
Atkins Water has been extremely popular with many anglers taking advantage of the feeding Carp as reported last week.
Magpie Lake has also fished well where many anglers had catches exceeding 20 fish.
1st July Willow Grange Open
Magpie Lake hosted the 1st WILLOW GRANGE sponsored open match. It produced some bumper weights and once again Simon Easey produced the winning weight of 163lb. 2nd place went to M Pollard with 157lb 8ozs with S Tyler 85lbs 8ozs in 3rd.  Goldfish hunter, Mark Sawyer was 4th with 84lbs that didn't include any "Frankenfish".  The ever consistent Ian Baker was 5th with 72lbs 8ozs while WAC Match secretary and match organiser, Kevin Sands was 6th with 58lbs 8ozs.
Waterbeach Angling Club extend their thanks to Willow Grange for their support in providing sponsorship in what we hope will be a annual event on the club's calendar.

26th June 2012

Atkin's Water turned up trumps today for Gareth Harris.  Gareth had a great catch of Carp both Commons and Mirrors, ranging from 8lbs to 15lbs.  Gareth fished ledgered baits hard to the island and made most of his catch in the afternoon.

Below left 8lb Common, right 10lb Common, middle left 10lb Mirror, right 12lb Mirror, bottom 15lb Mirror.

25th June 2012
Magpie Lake hosted NAPP AC on Sunday 24th and came up trumps for Peter Jordan who landed 104lbs of Carp from Peg 1. Dave Keedy was 2nd with 43lb 15ozs from Peg 4 and 3rd was Neil Chudley with 24lb 14ozs  from Peg 19. Generally Magpie is beginning to turn up some good weights to pleasure anglers.  Phil London fished on Thursday and netted 23 Carp to 10lb, while Kevin Dumbrill was approaching 20 when I spoke to him on Friday.
Leland Water regular Richard Ginn landed a 24lb Common and a 22lb Mirror in a short session today. Other day ticket anglers landed 12 Tench and several Bream.  Talking of Tench below is the new lake record at 8lb caught by Ashley Shipp last weekend.
Atkin's Water has been very popular this last few days with some nice bags of Roach, Tench and Bream coming out.
Day Tickets available on the bank at both Magpie and Atkins.  Leland day tickets must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley Telephone 07966 487 320
24th June 2012
Leland Water has produced yet more 20lb plus Carp in last few days, two of which are shown below.
Fev Sevillono with a 25lb Common. Fev also took a 29lb 4oz which gives him a flying start to the new season.
Dan Owen with his 21lb 4oz Common.
10 year member Steve Johnson landed Commons of 23lb 12oz and a 15lb- 8oz  in a short overnight visit.  Prospects remain good for the coming week.
18th June 2012
The new river season started quite tamely mainly because of the wild weather experienced.  Very few anglers were out on the Cam at Bottisham Locks and it seems very little was caught.
Magpie Lake is beginning to come back to form with many day ticket anglers getting into the tens of Carp caught.  There's a good few Roach turning up as well.  Prospects look good for the coming week if the weather continues to improve.
Atkins Water was the venue for the Chivers' AC match this weekend.  Catches weren't great with a top weight of only 13lbs, next was 8lbs to 2 anglers both with the same weight. 3rd was 5lb 8ozs.  Other than in matches pleasure anglers are getting better results with Carp to 13lb plus Tench to 5lbs and Golden Tench also to 5lbs.  Many Bream are also being caught, so prospects on Atkin's are looking good for the coming week.
Leland Water has produced it's first 30 of the season to Fev Sevillono.  At 30lbs 4ozs, it's Fev's first 30 from Leland.  He followed the 30 with a 23lb 11oz Common so not to shabby a day for Fev.  Reports of a record breaking 8lb Tench are awaiting confirmation, watch this space.
13th June 2012
This weekend sees the start of the Fishing Season on rivers and drains plus any waters that have been restricted by fishing clubs.
The River Cam at Waterbeach is carrying plenty of extra water at present which means that the river is receiving a good flush out of any debris thatís accumulated over the winter.
WACís River bailiff has been busy clearing bank side vegetation downstream of Bottisham Lock and will hopefully have up to 15 swims cleared by opening day.
Last year the river provided some excellent results, especially with some quality Rudd making up substantial hauls.
Bream are also making a comeback to the sections below the Bottisham Lock, letís hope for more of the same this year.
10th June 2012
Townsend Angling held a match on Magpie lake today. 1st was Martin Kirk with 38lb 12ozs  from Peg 6, 2nd was Cameron Stokes with 17lb 04ozs from Peg 2 and 3rd was Martin King with 15lb 02ozs from P 3.
Magpie catches have suffered a bit from the heavy rain of the last week, although we are pleased to receive all this top up water.  Pleasure catches during the last week have been a bit down of late but there are still a few who are getting 15 - 20 fish in a session.
Atkin's Water has also had a good top up from the rain of last week but catches of quality Roach are still being taken. WAC Match Secretary, Kevin Sands, had a great haul of Roach from the roadside bank in midweek.  Kevin used a variety of baits to keep the fish interested.
Leland Water has again fished well to members, with several more Twenty pound fish being landed.  Steve Richardson travelled down from Nottingham and was rewarded with a fine catch of 6 Commons to 19lb 3ozs, although he did lose another 4 Carp in the weed.  He also landed Bream to 8lbs and several Tench to 5lbs. Ben and Dan Argent were again amongst the big fish with a Mirror of 27-7 and Commons of 22lb and 10lbs.  They also netted several Bream to 5lbs. Pom Walia and Steve Johnson returned for short sessions and were rewarded with a 13lb Common each [not the same one].
Leland opens to Day Ticket anglers on June 16th.  Make sure you book your day tickets in advance with Tony Leadley.  There are 4 tickets available on each day of the weekend and 6 per day on week days throughout the season until March 14th 2013. Call Tony on 07966 487 320.
3rd June 2012
Andy, "Kleens" up on Magpie Lake to win the John Holmes Memorial Match.  Andy Kleen came out top in a full house at Magpie Lake today with a winning weight of 62lb 4ozs. Second place went to Steve Tyler with a weight of 48lb 8ozs while match organiser Martin Caldecoat finished 3rd with 44lb 8ozs. Proceeds from the match are being donated to the CPS Orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal a charity supported by the late John Holmes. The following links gives more details about this worthwhile charity CPS Charity Number Charity No. 1137324 and CPS Charity Newsletter.
Cambridge Fire & Rescue Service held their match on Magpie Lake.  Brian York landed the top weight of 37lb 2nd place went to Buzz with 14lb 7ozs and 3rd to Chris Smith with 13lb 13ozs, which included the biggest fish at 8lb 9ozs.
Magpie has fished well during the week to pleasure anglers with many weights topping 30lbs.  The Carp seem to have stopped spawning and are hopefully getting back into feeding mode.  As well as Carp some good bags of quality Roach are also being caught.
Atkin's Water has been a bit patchy this last week with only one or two anglers really getting amongst the fish.  Bream are featuring in those catches as well as a few Carp.  Spawning on Atkin's also seems to have reached it's end.
Leland Water re-opened for Members ONLY on the 1st June.  Most successful was Pom Walia, who landed 10 Carp including Commons of 11lb, 12-6, 14lb, 19-10, 19-12 plus Mirrors of 20-4, 21lbs, 24-4 and 27lb.  His fishing partner, Stuart Thompson, landed Mirrors of 19lbs, 19-4, plus Commons of 18-12, 24-4 and 25-10.  Father and son, Steve and Mark Johnson, both landed 20lb plus fish with Mark out-doing his dad with a 26lb Common. Other catches went to Ben and Dan Argent with Mirrors of 12-5 and 28lb plus a Common of 19lb and also several Bream and Tench. Finally Tony Staines netted 5 Carp to 19lbs plus many Bream and Tench.
Day tickets will be available from June 16th but are only available by booking in advance with Tony Leadley 07966 487 320
30th May 2012
Magpie Lake hit the headlines today in the National and International press, after a story appeared in the Angling Times about a so called "FRANKENFISH".  Magpie had a visit from the BBC Look East team on Wednesday, the outcome of which can be viewed here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-18266709
27th May 2012
It's all SEX, SEX, SEX at Waterbeach AC's lake complex!
The exceptionally hot weather has got the Carp going on both Atkin's Water and Magpie Lake.  The marginal reeds and lily pads are taking a real pounding as the Carp get into spawning mode.  While the fishing has been pretty hot during the last week, things turned decidedly cooler for today's match on Magpie Lake.  The Brian Holden Memorial match took place in temperatures of almost 30C and this had a dramatic effect on the Carp who decided it was time to stop feeding and get on reproducing. Top weight went to Mark Baker who netted exactly 35lb of mostly Common Carp.  2nd place with a weight of 31lb 8oz was to P Hardy while Gary B finished in 3rd with 30lb 8oz.
Magpie has fished well all week for pleasure anglers with many bags of 20 plus fish.  Regular Kevin Dumbrill was again amongst the bigger catches with some quality Carp taken on pole.  Other species coming out include a few nice Roach.
Atkin's Water has also been fishing well yet again.  Still plenty of Tench coming out in the 4 - 5lb range as well as plenty of Roach and Bream.  Fev Sevillino has been targeting Carp on Atkin's in some relatively short sessions with reasonable success with fish of 5 - 6lbs and the occasional bigger one.

Day tickets for both Magpie and Atkin's can be purchased on the bank.
Leland Water remains closed until June 16th, but by then, the much bigger Carp therein, will have finished spawning.  Several big Carp have been seen cruising the margins and basking in the sunshine.  Prospects are looking good for the new season.
Day Tickets for Leland must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley on 07966 487 320
20th May 2012
Magpie Lake was the venue for today's Nathan Missen Memorial match. The match was  won for the 2nd year by Simon Easey with a total of 73lbs 0oz from Peg12. 2nd was Richard Bond with 68lb 8oz from Peg 19 and 3rd was V German with 66lb 8oz from Peg 7
26 anglers took part and caught 765lb in total averaging almost 30lb per peg.
Main sponsors were Andy's Cars of Bar Hill, Cooper Bros. and Sons [fishing tackle] Cambridge, Willow Grange of Chittering, Mick dant of Waterside Supplies and Fox match

Simon Easey receiving the Nathan Missen Memorial Cup from Waterbeach AC match Secretary Kevin Sands.

19th May 2012
Atkin's Water was the venue for it's third match of the season today and produced some pretty good weights for NAPP Anglers. 1st place went to Kev Fordham on Peg 12 with 33lb 6oz.  2nd was Rob Mercer on Peg 5 with 25lb 5oz and 3rd went to Colin Edwards on Peg 8 with 25lb 1oz.  There were 3 who didn't weigh in.
The top 4 anglers catches consisted mainly of Carp but with some nice Bream and Roach making up the weights.
The next match on Atkins is on Sunday June 17th.
17th May 2012
Magpie Lake is fishing very well at present as can be seen by the large numbers of anglers fishing there at the moment. Plenty of Carp coming out along with Roach and Perch.  Several big Carp are also featuring in catches.
Magpie is closed until 4.30pm on Sunday 20th May for the Nathan Missen memorial match.
Atkin's Water is still producing good catches.  Featuring plenty of Bream, withsome quality Tench and also Carp in the 10lb range.
The island has undergone some maintenance to the trees and marginal vegetation so hopefully there will be less lost tackle, line etc. Before and after photos below. There's still a bit more to do in around a month's time when the birds have finished nesting.
Atkin's is closed until 4.30pm on Saturday 19th May for  a NAPP match.
Leland Water's opening date 16th June is fast approaching and much work has been carried out to alleviate the weed problem of previous years.  Other maintenance on trees and overhanging branches has also been done so prospects are looking good.  With several large carp seen in spawning areas, hopefully they will be on the feed come opening day.
9th May 2012
Magpie Lake fished well again inspite of the inclement weather of late. The water level is still coming up and anglers are catching some good sized Carp. Best this last week was 13lbs followed up with several around the 10lb mark. Itís possible to get bags approaching 100lbs in an afternoon.
Atkins Water continues to produce plenty of fish for Dan Owen. Dan had a bumper catch of around 90lbs. Made up of Tench, Bream, Roach and Carp, including Mirrors of 9-15, 8-7 and Commons of 10lb and 10.8lbs. Danís best Roach weighed in at an impressive 1lb 14oz.
Photos below of the 9-15 and 8-7 Mirrors caught by Dan Owen.


3rd May 2012
Magpie Lake continues to provide good sport with Carp to 10lbs. One lucky/skilful angler had a bumper catch of around [he lost count] 45 Carp in a 5 hour session in the middle of the week. Roach are also showing up as are many small Perch.
Atkins Water, the same as Magpie, is fishing well. Tench, Bream and some cracking Carp are being caught when anglers dare to venture out in the wet conditions.
The water level on both lakes is rising and prospects are looking good for when we get a break in the rain.
24th April 2012
Atkins Water has been fishing well during the last week.  Dan Owen has again been amongst the better catches with a mixed bag including Tench to 4lb 12ozs, Bream to 4lb 13ozs, Carp to 8lbs plus Crucians, Roach and a Golden Tench.



The photos above are just a small selection of Dan's catch.
Others have had good bags of Roach plus the occasional Tench as shown below caught by Gareth Edwards at 3lb 02ozs.  Gareth also netted a 13lb 02oz Mirror Carp [below]   
Magpie Lake continues to fish well especially in the afternoon. Catches of 20 plus Carp have been reported, with Carp weighing up to 13lbs
There are no matches this coming weekend so both lakes are fully open to Day Ticket anglers. Day tickets are available on the bank as usual.
15th April 2012
Magpie Lake was the venue for UK Powers AC to hold a 20 peg match on Saturday 14th.  Top weight was 28lb 13ozs for Adam Heley on peg 19. 2nd place went to Alex Dove with 18lbs 11ozs on peg 18 and in 3rd place with 12lbs 14ozs was Peter Hooker on peg 17.
Pleasure anglers caught well on the pegs not included in the match, WAC bailiff, Dan Owen had a great catch of 13 Carp to 8lbs in weight.  Magpie has fished well all week with the best fishing being in the late afternoon.
Atkins has again been difficult in the week, but in the bright weather many Carp can be seen basking in the sunshine close to the island.
Atkins was hosting Barrington AC on Sunday 15th. result was 1st Brian Newman 11lb 03ozs of Roach from peg 2, Brian was fishing caster over a bed of hemp. In 2nd place was Tom Gemmel with 10lb 4ozs which inc a 4lb 6oz bream fishing from peg 4. Tom caught on red maggot.  3rd place went to Mark Stanley with 9lb 6ozs on peg 12 with a catch of mainly roach. Interestingly no carp were caught and although everyone fishing caught something.
9th April 2012
Magpie Lake has again produced some excellent catches over the Easter weekend.  Amongst those catching were Kevin Dumbrill, who had a mixed catch of over 15 Carp and Roach.  His fishing partner Ian Waine, caught 26 carp ranging from 4lb up to 10lb-9oz and 15 silver fish (roach, perch). Ian reported that if it wasn't for the wind and rain he could have landed many more, however another great days fishing at Magpie Lake, well worth the £6 day ticket price. The carp are feeding on bread and sweet corn just on the bottom. Several others fishing on Easter Monday had large numbers of fish.
5th April 2012
Magpie Lake has produced some bumper catches over the last week, probably due to the much warmer weather.
Once again Len Proctor has been amongst the Carp in a big way with a mega catch of 26 fish between 2 and 8lbs. Len caught on a variety of baits ranging from paste, expanded pellets, sweetcorn and maggots, all fished on pole both in the margins and at range.
Ian ďSpudĒ Baker also made a big catch, with a mixed bag of mainly Carp but with a smattering of good quality silver fish to total around 40 fish landed. Ian took all his fish on sweetcorn, fishing hard against the island.
Other anglers have had catches into double figures with Carp being the main fish featured. Several 10lb plus fish have been landed.
Atkins Water is still having on and off days with silver fish the main catches. Highlight of the week went to regular angler Keith Newman who landed this cracking Common Carp estimated at around 16-17lbs. It took Keith a full 10 minutes to bring to the net. Another cracking fish from Atkins!
Both Atkins and Magpie are available to fish on day tickets only, during the river close season. Tickets can be purchased on the bank.
27th March 2012
Magpie Lake is producing some really nice Carp to increasing numbers of anglers.  Catches of 10 or more fish are now occurring on a regular basis.  Club bailiff, Dan Owen, netted several nice fish with one of at least 10lbs in a bag of 9Carp and several Roach. The warmer weather is encouraging the fish to feed with best results in the afternoon as the water warms.
Atkins Water has been a bit patchy over the last week.  Finding the right swim is the most important thing to do as the fish seem to be moving around the lake from day to day.  Fish are also visible just under the surface and have been difficult to tempt.  Successful baits are as last week with Pinkies producing the better Roach.
Prospects for the coming week are looking good with more fine weather forecast until the weekend.
Day Tickets for both Magpie and Atkins are available on the bank.
Anglers are reminded to renew their ROD LICENCES before April 1st as their current licences expire on March 31st.
20th March 2012

Leland Water ended itís season on a high with several 20 plus Carp being caught.  Top honours went to Stuart Thompson, who was a guest of life member Pom Whalia, landed a 26lb Common and a 23lb Mirror in a single session.  Pom caught a 19lb Mirror. Member Tony Staines fished for a couple of days and nights and landed 3 double figure Carp plus 9 bream.

One of the most consistent anglers at Leland is Richard Ginn.  Richard signed off the season with 4 Carp caught in his last 2 visits.  They weighed in at 23lb 8oz [x2 1 mirror 1 common], 20lb 08oz Common and a 18lb Common.  Other catches included more Carp of 14lb, 14lb 08oz and 20lb 08oz plus several Tench to 5lb.

Leland is now closed until June 16th.

Atkins Water has been busy since the river close season began.  Mixed results are the order of the day, but generally the fishing is good.  Good bags of hand sized Roach are the main species with the occasional Carp beginning to feature in catches. Pinkies are the going bait at present for targeting Roach.  Anglers are informed that some disruption may occur on Atkins as the club undertakes bank clearance and reconstruction over the next few weeks.  This will be kept to a minimum.

Magpie Lake is coming back to form again as the water level increases and the temperature starts to climb.  Several good bags of Carp have been caught in recent days.  Len Proctor again is getting good results on the pole.

Day Tickets for Atkins and Magpie are available on the bank.

The River Cam fishery produced a few good bags of Roach and Rudd mainly in the Bottisham Lock area.  Very few Pike caught although one of 10lbs did show up in the last few days of the season. 
 Anglers are reminded that the close season is March 15th to June 15th inclusive.
4th March 2012
Atkins Water has been fishing well over the last 2 weeks with several good bags of Roach coming out.  Ian Baker had an impressive haul of prime Roach with many around the pound mark.  The odd Carp and Bream are featuring as well.
Magpie Lake has produced some good hauls of Carp with several anglers taking up to a dozen fish in a few hours.  The drop in temperatures over the weekend has lowered the catch rate.
Leland Water is beginning to give up some of its bigger Carp.  Regular day ticket angler Richard Ginn banked Carp of 23.08 and 20.08 at the weekend while another regular, Fev Sevillono, netted a 19.03 Mirror.  Several life members have also caught with several big doubles coming out plus several Pike as well.  Best Pike fell to Pom Whalia at 15.08, he also had 3 Carp of 11.14, 12.08 and 18.00.
Day tickets for Atkins Water and Magpie Lake are available on the bank while day tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with ticket manager Tony Leadley 07966 487320
20th February 2012
Magpie Lake is now ice free and fishing well with several good catches of Carp.  Fish in the 3 - 8lb range are being caught on a regular basis over the last few days.  Several nice Roach of around the 1lb mark are also showing up.  Prospects look good for the next week or so with milder weather promised.
Atkins Water has been clear of ice since last Thursday [16th] but few have ventured onto it as yet. Perhaps something that might tempt more to fish is the first stocking of the year, when the club injected approx. 300lbs of Roach into the water, with the promise of more to come in the next month.  Fish from 6ozs to 1lb were stocked on Monday [today] and should cause the resident fish to start feeding with a vengeance. Prospects for the coming couple of weeks look excellent.
Just one of the many nets full of Roach stocked into Atkin's Water
Approx. 300lbs of prime Roach were stocked on Monday
Leland Water like the other lakes is ice free but again very few are fishing.  One or two members have ventured out in the cold conditions but only one has succeeded in banking anything of note.  A Mirror Carp of 18lbs 11ozs, being the only Carp caught.  A small Pike being the only other fish of note at 8lbs.
15th February 2012
All the lakes have been frozen for several days, even Magpie where the extreme temperatures forced us to shut down the paddle wheel.
Magpie Lake is now ice free once again and today Len Proctor had a catch of 15 fish made up of Perch and Roach.
Atkins Water's paddlewheel is now working again and the water should be clear for fishing by Friday 17th.
Leland Water remains frozen.  Watch this space for updates.
9th February 2012
Not a lot to report as only one or two anglers have fished these last few days.
Atkins Water has been frozen since the first frosts and remains so today.
Magpie Lake however is 99% ICE FREE thanks to our paddle wheel being in action.

29th January 2012
Atkins Water has been very quite this week with very few fishing.  Those that have fished have struggled to catch probably due to the cold weather. Even so several nice Roach have shown up in nets.
Magpie Lake is much the same as Atkins with few fishing although one or two Carp and a few Roach have been caught.
Leland Water has seen a few more fishing and they have been rewarded with fish up to 18lbs taken by a Life member.  Another member who fished through the night also recorded a Carp of 14lbs and a Bream of 6lb.  All of Leland is open again after the trees downed in the recent gales have been cleared away.
25th January 2012
After last week's ice up all the lakes are open for business. The rain of the last few days although keeping anglers indoors has seen water levels rise on all three lakes.
Atkins Water has seen few anglers but the few who have fished have caught quite well in the circumstances.  Bags of around 12lbs can be achieved with a bit of patience.
Magpie still continues to produce a few Carp but again it's a waiting game.
Leland Water has had less than a handful of anglers so results are down.
18th January 2012

All lakes are now clear of ice

15th January 2012
Atkins Water has seen some good bags in the last week but it is very hit and miss.  Roach are now predominating with some really plump specimens approaching the 1lb mark coming out.
Magpie is much the same but there are a few carp showing up as well.
Leland Water hasn't seen many anglers over the last week but it has produced a 26lb 12oz Common to day ticket angler Neil Owczarkowski.  One of the life members has also netted a 22 Mirror and a 14lb Common. Pike fishing remains slow with just 2 fish of around 6lbs
Anglers should note that all the lakes are frozen and only Lelend has any clear water on it.  I expect this to remain the same until Thursday at the earliest. Check with Tony Leadley for up to date info.
Day tickets for Leland Water must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley 07966 487320. Magpie and Atkins tickets are available on the bank.

8th Jan 2012
Leland Water has been hard and not many have braved the high winds and cold weather.  Only one hardy soul has tried his hand at the carp and after 3 fishless sessions was finally rewarded with a 22lb Mirror. A few small pike have also been caught but nothing of any size.
The high winds have caused a bit of damage around the lake with one large willow coming down and blocking off the western end of the Pig farm.  Dave Badcock and Colin Brett have now cleared the way around the lake, but anglers are warned to beware of damaged branches hanging precariously from nearby trees.  We hope to have the danger area cleared during this coming week.

Magpie Lake has been very quiet especially the number of anglers fishing.  A few of those who have fished have caught reasonably well with several bags of carp in excess of 20 fish.  A few nice perch have also figured in the catches.  Len Proctor yet again has done extremely well considering the difficult conditions.

Atkins Water is very unpredictable of late with some days providing so excellent roach fishing and on other days anglers are scratching around for a bite or two.  Townsends AC held a match on Atkins on Sunday with the following result.


Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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