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2013 reports


The last report of 2013.
All our waters remained open throughout the Christmas and New Year period, but with mixed results.
Atkins fished well for Kevin Sands on the 31st December. Kevin took a good bag of 40+ Roach, nothing huge the best being around 12ozs. 
He also fished the previous day on Magpie and had similar result but with bigger Roach.  He also took a few nice Carp and Perch. John Bretherick and Glyn Davies fished on the 30th and had plenty of Roach mostly around 12ozs and 2 Perch at just over the pound mark.
Leland has been very quiet most of the time but on the odd occasion it has delivered some good fish.  One of the life members had an exceptional catch midway through Christmas week when he landed 5 Carp, all Commons, weighing 10-08. 13-02, 16-04, 17-07 and 30-04. Not satisfied with this haul he returned 3 more times in that week to land more Commons of 16, 20-04 and finally a fully scaled Mirror of 28-09.
A few pike have come out and Ian Lewis was amongst them with 4 to 8lb. Peter White also had an 8lber while G Diggins caught 3 to 12lbs and Kevin Mac had 4 to 10lbs.


Magpie Lake continues to produce some really quality Roach and plenty of them.  Several anglers have reported catches in excess of 20 fish in the last week with some getting towards the 1lb mark. The Carp fishing has slowed but on the odd day there is plenty of movement and a few are coming out to small baits on very fine tackle.

Atkins Water is very quite both angler and fish wise. It's generally a much harder water than Magpie but the fish quality is generally exceptional. It's well worth a try.

Leland Water has seen few anglers over the last week and the only fish of note was to Matt Gillson with a really pristine Mirror Carp of 19-08 [pictured below]

The River Cam is getting one or two predator anglers but sport is generally slow and only small fish have shown up so far.



Leland Water has seen few fishing this last week and the only fish of note is a 21lb Common caught by our mysterious and publicity shy Mr X.
Atkin's Water like Leland has had few fishing, but the highlight of the week was a 2lb Crucian pictured below caught by Justin Hincks.

Magpie Lake has fished well with some good catches of Carp and also the Roach catches continue to please anglers. Sweetcorn and Pellet seem to be the favoured baits.


Atkin's Water hasn't seen many anglers again this week, but again, those who have fished have some good results with Roach showing really well up to a pound.  Perch are also feeding well. Both species are responding to single red maggot fished mid-water.
Atkin's received a visit recently from the Granddaughter, Debby and Great Great granddaughter, Sophie, of Rex Atkin, who the lake is named after.  The photo shows Debby and her Granddaughter Sophie at the entrance to Atkin's Water.

Magpie Lake is much the same as Atkin's Water, with only a few fishing but the results for those who have are well worth the effort. Several times this last week. Richard Reynolds has caught good catches of Roach and Perch with some bags estimated at between 10 and 15lbs.  A few Carp are showing up as well but in the main the Roach are the main quarry.
Leland Water has come up trumps for our Mr X this week.  Following a mid-week blank, he returned on Saturday and recorded a 7 fish catch.  They were as follows; Commons 9lb, 13lb, 16/b and topping the lot was a 30lb 10oz; Mirrors 16lbs, 17lbs and a clonking 24lb.  Alan Smith fishing on a day ticket found some of the bigger Leland Bream with fish of 6lb, 8-08 and 8-12. More settled, if colder weather this week could see catches improve again.


Leland Water has been quiet again this week, few anglers equals few fish. James Barham however did well to land 3 fish in a short daytime sortie. 2 small Commons weighing 5 and 8lbs plus a nice 22lb Mirror. Our publicity shy Mr X paid another visit this week and came up trumps with a 25-01 Mirror and a 18-07 Common.  Mel Buddle had 17 Rudd and 1 Perch.

Atkin's Water provided a good days fishing for Richard Reynolds. Fishing the pole Richard netted 35 Perch, many around 12ozs, 17 Roach and a single Rudd, all taken at mid water on single red maggot.

Magpie has fished well again with plenty of Carp still being caught. Martin Butler had a good day with Carp to 10lbs and plenty of Roach some to nearly a pound. Len Proctor also had a good catch of Carp earlier in the week. Richard Reynolds tried a day on Magpie and caught well on there as well.  Again he caught some nice Perch including 1 of exactly 1lb.  13 Roach averaged 6ozs plus 1 of 12ozs, he was also bothered by 3 carp that muscled their way into the feeding fish.

The River Cam has produced a few Roach and Rudd, but those trying for Pike and Zander have been disappointed. Hopefully sport will pick up with the colder weather promised later in the coming week.



Leland Water has had a lack of visitors over the last 2 weeks but even with few fishing thereís been a few good fish out. David Lock netted a couple of big doubles, an 18lb Common and a 15lb Mirror during an overnight session. His 2 brothers both had a fish each with a 20lb Mirror and a 15lb Common.

Day Ticket angler Matt Gillson had a cracking Common of 19lbs [picture below].

Tony Staines entertained 2 guests who recorded Carp of 12, 14 and 28lbs. Tony helped out with a 6lb Tench and 5 Bream up to 8lbs. Tony also troubled the Bream later in the week with 2 at around 6lb each. Matt Dunn was also on a Bream hunt and recorded 2 to around 8lbs also.  Meanwhile his guest Simon Maguire netted a Mirror of 19lb 08ozs. Peter White also on an overnighter landed a Common of 18-08. Mr X making a return to Leland after a summer on another  water netted a 14lb Mirror and a plastic bag. As the days and nights get colder expect the catches to fall off a bit, but remember Leland is a good winter fishery and can often produce fish in the coldest of winters.
Atkins Water has hardly seen any anglers for the last 2 weeks, possibly because of the gate closure. The committee have decided to re-open the gate to make the lake more accessible for our older and less mobile members.
Magpie Lake continues to fish well. Roach catches are really on the up with nets of 20-30lbs coming out on a regular basis.  Carp have been a bit slow but generally have shown well in the mid-afternoon for those anglers prepared to sit it out. Expect catches to drop off a bit in the colder mornings but the afternoons should produce.


Magpie Lake is continuing to fish well. There's not that many anglers fishing it at present, probably due to the bad weather of late.  Carp are the main species being caught with many double figure fish showing well in catches. Magpie's sheltered position is an important factor in keeping the high winds of late at bay. Day tickets available on the bank.
Leland Water is again very quiet.  Very few anglers have fished over the last week [bad weather being the cause perhaps] Needless to say catches are down on the previous few weeks.  Ben Hervey-Murray however has again been amongst the Carp.  Fishing as a guest of Matt Dunn Ben landed a nice 16lb Common and a cracking 27-14 Mirror [images below]

The only other catches were made by regular visitor Mel Buddle who again was amongst the Roach and Rudd, while James Barham landed 2 Carp of 8 and 16lbs. Day tickets are available if booked in advance from Tony Leadley 07966 487 320
Atkins Water as with Leland is very quiet with few fishing.  Still plenty of Roach coming out to those who are fishing.
The River Cam is rushing through and very few are out fishing.  The weed is now dying off fast and getting flushed through with the high flows. Prospects are looking good.

23rd October 2013

Magpie Lake re-opened last week after a 2 month closure.  The weather kept angling numbers down, but those brave souls who did venture out had some good catches.  Len Proctor couldnít wait to get back and was rewarded with a 35 fish catch of Carp to 10lb.  Phil London turned out on Thursday and the first fish he caught was a 12 pounder. He followed this up with another 20 plus fish.  Fishing continues to improve and prospects in this mild weather look good.

Atkins Water has seen numbers of anglers drop with Magpie re-opening but again those who have fished it have had good results especially with Roach and Bream.

Leland Water has been very quiet with few fishing so results have dropped off.  James Barham had a short session and bagged a Mirror of 19-12. Mel Buddle had a good catch of Rudd and Roach mid-week.

The River Cam is producing some nice Rudd and Roach plus a few Bream showing up at last. The weed is still quite prolific although it is dying back slowly.

16th October 2013

Magpie Lake re-opened on Tuesday after a 2 month closure due to an outbreak of KHV as reported in the Cambridge News. The club invited 2 local anglers to test out the lake and were pleased with the catches they had.  The Carp stocks, although obviously depleted, are still high as they landed 45 Carp between them, happily all in excellent condition.  They also had a good catch of Roach which along with the other species in Magpie were unaffected by the virus.

The club has been feeding the fish throughout the closure to ensure the health of the fish. Anglers are asked to check out the new regulations posted at the lake entrance to stop a recurrence of this virus. Len Proctor was on Magpie on Wednesday and recorded a catch of 32 Carp and a good few Roach and Rudd. Phil London is back to his weekly visits and today [Thursday] he recorded a catch of 5 Carp, biggest 12lb, and 28 Roach to 12ozs.
Day tickets are available on the bank.

The poor weather is the probable reason that Atkins Water has seen the number of anglers drop away over the last week.  Those that have ventured out have had reasonable sport.  Kevin Sands spent several hours catching a few Bream but he also had a good bag of the many Roach in Atkins.  A few Carp are still coming out as well.

Leland Water has been very quiet as well.  The only catch of note was to Mr Whyly who landed 2 Commons of 23 and 20lbs respectively.
9th October 2013

Leland has slowed down a bit over the last week with only 5 twenties!  Top man again was Stuart Thompson who again improved on his personal best with a 28-15 Common.  He also landed another Common of 19lbs and Pike of 16 and 10lb. Dave Lock landed a modest 10lb Common, while his brother fishing as his guest, had Commons of 25-08, 24-02, 21, 11-04 and 10lb. He also landed a Mirror of 17-08. Mr X made a fleeting visit and went away happy after catching a 24-06 Common. James Barham outdid his guest this week with a 19lb Common. Other catches included an 8lb Bream to Dave Badcock while regular float angler Mel Buddle continues to catch multiple numbers of Roach and Rudd plus the occasional Perch, Tench and Bream.

Atkins Water is still producing good catches with Roach very much to the fore.  A few Carp are still coming out.  Some anglers are catching some nice Perch as well.

The River Cam still has plenty of weed and very few are fishing it at present.  The promised colder weather will hopefully see much of the weed dropping down.  The water is very clear and there are plenty of fish on view.
2nd October 2013

The news on Magpie Lake is much better with CEFAS and The EA giving us the all clear to re-open in shortly.  Once water temperatures have dropped to 15C we will re-open. Watch the Cambridge News  and this website for more updates

Leland yet again is producing well with yet more 20lb plus Carp.  Top fish of the last week was a 27-08 Common to Stuart Thompson.  James Barham caught another Common of 15lb but he was upstaged by his guest who landed 2 Commons of 26-04 & 25-12.  Day ticket anglers were also amongst the better fish with Richard Ginn landing the only Mirror of the week at 26lb exactly. First time day ticket visitor, Finn Sleigh, landed a stunning 25-02 Common.  Other catches included a good bag of Roach and Rudd plus one or two Bream with a bonus Perch of just over a pound.

Atkins Water is still producing some excellent Carp both Commons and Mirrors but itís not easy.  Roach are harder to find at the moment although the lake has a huge population of them.  Hopefully as the weather cools the Roach will start to figure more in anglers catches.

The River Cam is beginning to fish better as the weed dies back, there are plenty of silver fish right through our waters below Bottisham Lock.

25th September 2013

Leland Water has yet again been producing some great catches with another 9 twenty pound fish coming out over the last week.

Pride of place goes to Pom Walia who caught his personal best carp, a Common of 29-14. He followed this with another Common of 25-12 so not a bad day.

Day ticket angler, Nick Pell-Coggins, was close behind Pom with his capture of a stunning 28-03 Common [below] he followed this up with a 25lb Mirror.

Other really notable catches went to Stuart Thompson 26-08 & 19-04 Commons, Richard Ginn a 26lb Mirror, David Lock a 24lb Mirror, James Barham a 23-08 Mirror and a 14lb Common, Ben Hervey-Murray [again] a 21-03 Common and finally Matt Dunn a 18-08.

Other catches of Rudd and Roach are still holding up well and the occasional big bream is appearing.

Prospects remain good with the warmer conditions forecast to go on for a little longer.

Day tickets must be booked in advance from Tony Leadley on 07966 487 320

Atkins Water has slowed down a bit but Philip Ashwell and his friend Paul Collins had an excellent days fishing with catches of over 50 fish each.  The catches were made up of Roach to 1lb, Perch to 1-08lb and plenty of Rudd plus the occasional Chub and Carp.

Magpie Lake is probably due to reopen early next month depending on the club getting the all clear from CEFAS.  More updates to follow in the Cambridge News and on our website.
17th September 2013
Atkins Water: Kevin Dumbrill kindly sent these photos and a short report.

Above is an Atkins 15lbs 8oz Mirror, but the picture really don't do the fish justice. Caught a total of 11 carp that day which was about 3 weekends ago....! 1st September 2013 broke up 5 times which is expensive LOL mixed bag of bream, roach, largest bream 3lbs plus. "there are definitely some real clonkers" in Atkins, but can't wait to get back into Magpie. I have also attached another photo of 16lbs 3oz of common carp taken from Magpie just before it was closed. [below]

Atkins Water is still producing a few nice fish, but with the change in the weather fewer anglers are fishing. This is the time when the Roach and Chub should begin to start showing, so fingers crossed to see improved results over the next few weeks.

Leland Water is still fishing well with yet more 20lb+ fish coming out over the last week.

Andrew Bowles caught this 21-02 Mirror [below left] following on from his 27-03 from a couple of weeks back.

John Gale 83 years young had a bumper catch of 40+ Rudd between 2ozs and 2lbs all taken on the pole using pellet as bait. Other notable catches went to Pom Walia, who took 2 Mirrors of 16lb & 27-04 plus 2 Commons of 10-08 & 13-08. Ben Hervey-Murray canít stop catching it seems when he netted a Common of 23-08 during a short afternoon visit. Ethan Darby took 2 nice Mirrors of 18 & 19lbs while Richard Ginn weighed in an 11lb Common.


12th September 2013
Some good news for our Junior Members.  The Children's Pit in Landbeach has had a really good clean up and the whole pit is now fishable.



All that's needed to fish it is a Junior Club card [£5 per season]. No adults allowed to fish only accompany their children or charges.
10th September 2013

Leland Water has produced yet another 30 + Common.  Ben Hervey-Murray was again the man with the plan.  Fishing as a guest of Matt Dunn, Ben banked his second Leland 30, this time a 30lb 06oz specimen. Matt was also into the big fish with 2 Mirrors of 26-04 and 17-02 plus a 22lb Common and 2 Bream in the 7 to 8lb range. Other catches were by Dan Owen who had a Common  of 17lb, Danny Brown with a 16lb Mirror and a 14lb Common and  Matt Gillson with a 12lb Common.  Mel Buddle again was catching plenty of Rudd and Roach.  Several nice Tench have also started to feature in catches which seems strange as they are usually an early season fish.

Atkins Water is again very busy and still producing well.  Some anglers are having to step up their tackle as they contact some of the larger specimens in Atkins.

The news from Magpie is encouraging and the club hopes to be able to re-open sometime in late October should they get the all clear from CEFAS and the EA. When Magpie does re-open anglers will not be able to move between Magpie and Atkins.
3rd September 2013

Atkins Water continues to fish fairly well with Bream and Carp providing most of the action.  The hot weather seems to have put the fish off a bit in the last few days but evening catches are holding up well.

Leland Water is still providing some excellent catches. Common Carp seem to be the main catches with 14 being caught this last week. Weights were from 8lbs up to 27-03 including 6 twenty plus fish.  6 Mirrors were also caught up to 18-12.  There are masses of fry in the margins so it looks like this year has been a good for spawning and promises good catches for future years.

The River Cam is still quiet with very few fishing. The huge amount of weed may be the reason for this.

The news from Magpie Lake is a bit more upbeat as no fish deaths have been recorded for the last 3 weeks.  We are hopeful that we can re-open towards the end of October or early November. Watch this space.

26th August 2013

It seems thereís a rumour circulating that all our lakes are closed at Waterbeach Road.  This is certainly not the case.  Only Magpie Lake is closed.  Atkins Water and Leland Water remain open and unaffected by KHV. The club cannot stress enough how important it is to dip all nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats both on entering and leaving the fishery.


Leland Water. WOW WHAT A WEEK!! Leland has had another week of great catches. It has produced 9 20lb+ Carp over the last week with the best,  a 29-08 Mirror, coming to Pom Walia who also caught Commons of 24-14, 18-12, 18, 16, 14 & 16-04 as well as more Mirrors of 21-04, 13, 11, 10 & 17-00. Pom also had a 6lb Tench [See below]. Pom shared his catch with his guest Martyn. Danny Brown netted a 25-04 and 17-04 Commons along with a Leather of 21.  Dan Owen had Commons of 18 and 27-06.  Matt Gillson had a 21 Common, while Mr X had Commons of 24-08, 19, 18, 16, 6 and a 10-03 Mirror. Other fish of note were an 18lb Common to Gary James, a 26lb Mirror to Richard Ginn.  Mel Buddle had his usual catch of Tench, Rudd and Roach.  A Common of 17-05 was also caught by Nick who omitted his Surname from the log.

Atkins Water is still fishing well with some excellent Carp coming out all around the lake. Several Bream to 5lbs have also been caught along with many Roach of all sizes. Day tickets are available on the bank.

The River Cam below Bottisham Lock is getting the attention of one or two anglers targeting the large carp in there , with temperatures falling it could be a good time to hook into one of these monsters. Day tickets are available on the bank.

Magpie Lake remains closed.  The EA are monitoring the situation and we will re-open as soon as we get the all clear.

16th August 2013
Atkins Water continues to fish well and yesterday's birthday boy, Andy York, celebrated with a fantastic 17lb 12oz Mirror.  Happy 60th Andy and well done.

Andy York, 60, with his 17-12 Mirror Carp

Our River Cam fishery below Bottisham lock is more accessible as the banks have been cleared.  The river remains weedy but the club doesn't object to anglers clearing their swims.

Plenty of Rubbish was found during the bank clearance, please do not leave rubbish, take it home with you.

14th August 2013
The closure of Magpie Lake is still in place.  Disinfectant dipping tanks are in place at the entrance to Atkins Water and Leland Water and the club cannot emphasise enough the importance of Anglers to use these dips without fail.  The loss of Magpie is a serious blow to the club and it's members and any further losses would be devastating.
Leland Water is still producing a few good fish but it's fishing really well for Roach and Rudd.
Day ticket angler M Crisp netted 2 Mirrors of 21lb and 26lb while Richard Ginn landed a 14.08 Common. Pom Walia had a good day with 4 Mirrors of 14, 14-5, 16 and 21lbs, well done Pom.
Atkins Water is producing some nice Carp with a few Bream and Tench as well. Ricky Loppas is pictured below with a 10-08 Mirror.

River Cam.  Our waters at Bottisham Lock were unaffected by the recent pollution.  The river looks to be in perfect condition albeit very weedy, but a bit of swim clearing with a rake head on a rope should give anglers some excellent sport especially in the evening with Rudd.
5th August 2013

MAGPIE LAKE IS STILL CLOSED and likely to remain so for several weeks. Please do not be tempted to enter MAGPIE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!



Atkins Water is fishing well probably due to many more anglers fishing it with the closure of Magpie.  Keith Newman is still catching well and young Jayden Daly caught a cracking 13lb 07oz Mirror [pictured below] Well done Jayden.

Keith Newman with just 1 of the 7 Carp he caught one evening last week on Atkins Water.

There's a good few Bream coming out as well as Roach and some nice Tench.  Prospects look good. Day Tickets available on the bank.
Leland Water is still producing well.  A 30lb 6oz Common was caught during the last week, we are hoping for a photo. Regular at Leland, Richard Ginn, landed a 14-05 Common and Leland ticket manager, Tony Leadley, caught plenty of Rudd.  There are plenty of Carp showing, but it's getting them to get their heads down that's the problem.
Day Tickets for Leland are available in advance only from Tony Leadley 07966 487 320
30th July 2013
Not the best of weeks for Waterbeach AC. 
Magpie Lake is closed until we get the results of the cause of the fish deaths and the all clear from the EA and CEFAS.  Carp seem to be the only species affected, so our Roach stocks remain  unaffected so far. Watch this space for more news.
Atkins Water is unaffected and continues to fish reasonably well.  Keith Newman landed 7 Carp in an evening session on Sunday.  Others are also catching mainly Carp as well.
Leland Water is still producing good catches.  Fev Sevilleno netted a 26lb Common, while Mark Searle netted 3 Commons of 15lbs each. Regular visitor Richard Ginn had a Mirror of 15lb while Matt Dunne had a 16lb Mirror and a 10lb Common.  His guest Ben Hervey-Murray meanwhile was busy landing a 15lb Mirror and a 22lb Common [Pictured below].

Ben's 30lber from a couple of weeks back is pictured below.

22nd July 2013

Leland Water is again on top form with lots of Commons plus the occasional big Mirror being caught.

Top fish of the week went to Matt Dunne with a lovely dark Common of 29-05 below.

Mattís fishing partner Simon Maguire netted a 21-04 Mirror and a 10lb Common.

Stuart Thompson fishing with Pom Walia had 3 Commons 20-04, 23-01 and a cracker of 28-10, while Pom had a 19-00 Common and a 20-04 Mirror.

Tony Staines also got amongst the big fish with Commons of 27-12, 24-00, 20-00, 16-08 and 13-00. He also had a fully scaled Mirror of 27-00.

Danny Browne landed a nice 14lb Mirror and a small 8lb Common, Richard Ginn a 10lb Common and Mark Searle 3 15lb Commons.

Tench and Bream were the other species to put in an appearance as well as the usual catches of Rudd and Roach.

Prospects again look extremely good for the coming weeks.

Day Tickets are in demand and must be booked in advance with Tony Leadley on 07966 487 320

Atkins Water is getting plenty of attention at present and is fishing well with many nice Carp figuring in catches. Bream are proving elusive, but plenty of Roach and Tench are being caught.

Leland Water continues to fish well with pleasure anglers getting good sport. Early morning and evening are the best times with a definite drop in catches during the day.  Several double figure fish are being caught and multiple catches of 20 or more Carp are common.

Day tickets for Atkinís and Magpie are available on the bank.

Magpie is hosting the Willow Grange Open on Sunday 28th July. Draw is at 9am, fishing 10am Ė 3pm. Book with Brian Day 01223 812050
18th July 2013
Here's an update covering the last 2 weeks at Waterbeach Road. lakes and the River Cam
Atkins Water and Magpie have fished pretty well, but have slowed as this hot weather has continued to push the mercury higher and higher. The fish on Magpie seem to have finished spawning but we are still waiting for spawning on Atkins.  Plenty of fish basking on the surface in Atkins so are difficult to tempt.  Atkins regular Charles Wells is pictured below with another pristine Atkins Mirror of 11-15. Best times on both lakes is probably early morning or late evening.
The River Cam is looking good but weed growth is going to be a problem very shortly. Downstream of Bottisham Lock there's still plenty of good Rudd to target but still not any Bream troubling anglers. Raking swims will not only help clear the weed but will encourage fish onto the raked area.
Leland Water is still producing plenty of big Carp.  The following is a brief roundup of catches from the last 2 weeks.
Catch of the 2 weeks was a 30lb Common for Ben Hervey-Murray. It was one of Ben's ambitions to catch an English 30 and he has now done just that and on his home water, he also had a 14lb Common.  Dan Owen had 2 super looking Commons of 25-09 and 22-07 se photos below.  Brendan Hall had a 21lbCommon; Richard Ginn 14lb and 10lb Commons; Danny Browne had a 14 Mirror and an 8lb Common.  Several good Bream and Tench have also come out along with the usual bags of Roach and Rudd.
Notable catches from members were as follows; James Barham 13lb Mirror & 24lb & 25-08 Commons;
Matt Dunne 4 Commons up to 17lb; Tony Staines a 27lb fully scaled Mirror described as AWESOME.; Peter White, Pom Walia had numerous single and double figure Carp;  Chris Hughes recorded his personal best Common at 27lbs. He also banked another Common of 16-12 and a Mirror of 14-08. He topped all these off with catches of Roach, Bream and Tench plus a double figure pike on a boilie.
Leland Water day tickets must be booked in advance from Tony Leadley 07966 487 320

Chris Hughes with his PB Common of 27lbs

Dan Owen with a 7lb Bream and a 7lb & 6lb 02 Tench from Leland Water

Dan again this time with 2 Commons of 25 - 09 & 22 - 07

Charles Wells with a nice Atkins Mirror weighing 11 - 15

24th June 2013
Magpie Lake.  The last week has been a bit mixed for pleasure anglers, but those who have fished through to the late afternoon and evening have had good results.  The fish have also started spawning again in the last week making them difficult to tempt.  The latest Open match had better results but again it was late on before the fish really got on the feed.  The match was won by Matthew Ayres with  120 lb, second was Simon Easey 69 lb 12 ozs and third was Keith Ellington 55 lb 6 ozs.

A superb Common of 14-08 from Magpie caught by Jason Beevor

Atkins Water is getting a few more visitors now it's open to club card holders.  A few of the lakes good size Carp are appearing and the OFFICIAL record for a Common was weighed in by Mr Careless at 9lb 01ozs.  Still plenty of Roach coming out and some nice Bream. Prospects look good.

An Atkins Common caught by Jason Beevor

3lb Atkins Tench caught by Ray from Haverhill

Leland Water is quiet compared to earlier this month with only a few fish coming out.  Day ticket angler L Scurll had the best 2 fish of the week with Mirrors of 23-10 and 19-12.  He also had a few Bream.  It seems quite a few Bream are now getting caught and we expect a new record anytime to be banked, watch this space.
The River Cam is still producing Rudd to good sizes below Bottisham lock. Carp are reported as showing on the upper river. No reports of any Bream as yet probably due to late spawning.
17th June 2013
Magpie Lake continues to produce big bags of Carp as was seen in the latest Open match hosted by WAC on Saturday last. See results below:
1st was Mark Cross 86 lb 14 ozs, 2nd John Younger 69 lb 10 ozs, 3rd Shaun Fulcher 63 lb 4 ozs and 4th Matthew Ayres 43 lb 9 ozs.
Another Open match is scheduled for this coming Saturday 22nd June Draw at 11am Fish 12noon to 6pm. You must book with Keith or Jane on  01954 200 755 or 07738 869033 Thursday evenings at the latest.
Catches other than in matches are also extremely good with many anglers topping 30lb in weight.
Owen Peck seen below was amongst those catching well. 

Birthday boy Owen Peck with a nice

Magpie Common carp as a present

on his 13th Birthday

Atkins water is also producing good bags of quality Roach. A small friendly match was held midweek and produced catches in excess of 25lbs. 

Leland Water has had a slightly quieter week but still a few twenties have been caught. Stuart Thompson was the captor of 3 of them 21-10, 21-11both Commons and 23-12 Mirror. Pom Walia fishing with Stuart managed to sort out some of the smaller Carp catching 3 commons of 10-8, 4-8 and 4lbs. Matt Dunne managed to fit in an short evening session for a 12-10. Mel Buddle is still catching plenty of Roach, Rudd, Perch and Bream.Opening day of the new season was surprising quiet with only 1 day ticket angler on the lake.  Richard Ginn finished the day with just one 14lb Common caught just as he was about to tackle down at the end of the day.Day tickets for Leland must be booked in advance Tel: Tony Leadley 07966 487 320

The River Cam has produced some cracking Rudd over the first couple of days of the new season. Best reported is 2.5lbs with several around the 2lb mark.  A notable Tench of 6lb was also weighed in along with a Pike of just over 10lbs.  Bream have so far failed to put in an appearance. Prospects look extremely good for the coming week. Day Tickets are available on the bank.
10th June 2013

Leland Water continues to fish extremely well with yet another 30lb plus fish.  Dave Lock yet again caught another 30 this time a 32lb Common only a week after landing a 30-08 Mirror. He also had a 25lb Mirror and an 8lb Tench, so not a bad day for Dave. 

Other notable Leland catches went to James Barham with a 25 Common, Steve Johnson with a 24lb Common, Michael Careless an 18lb Common and Dan Owen with a 15lb-13 Common. Mel Buddle is still catching plenty of silver fish wih catches of Rudd, Roach and Perch dominating his catches. Leland Water re-opens to Day Ticket anglers on 16th June.  Day tickets are available in advance only from Tony Leadley 07966487320

Magpie is still producing mega bags of Carp, most are coming in the afternoon and into the evening.  Expanded pellet seems to be the main bait of the moment.  Match results are not to hand at present.

Pleasure anglers wishing to fish Magpie should note that pegs 1 Ė 10 are allocated to them on Saturdays, other pegs that become available will be shown on the notice board at the lake on Friday after 2pm, also on the website if time allows.

The Open match held on Magpie Lake Saturday 8th June 2013 produced yet more high weights; result as follows

1st          Shaun Fulcher                   111 lb

2nd        Simon Easey                         86 lb

3rd         John Younger                     47lb 5 ozs

4th         Mick Curtis`                        43 lb 9 ozs

Magpie Lake has another OPEN Match on Saturday 15th June.  Draw 11am Fish 12noon Ė 6pm.

Atkins Water is patchy although there are a few anglers finding some better fish including Charles Wells with a fine 14-08 Mirror. Roach catches of 12 Ė 15lbs are featuring.

Results for Open match held on Atkins Lake Saturday 1st June 2013

This was a pointís match on silver and carp

1st          Shaun Fulcher                   40 points

2nd        Dave Yardy                         37 points

2nd        John Younger                    37 points

3rd June 2013
30-08 Mirror from Leland Water. Dave Lock landed a cracking 30lb - 08oz Mirror on  Friday last, this the biggest fish taken in 2013 so far.  It featured in a 3 fish haul that included 2 Commons of 24lbs and 18lbs. Stuart Thompson continued his run of form with another good carp this time a 22lb 03ozs Common.  Chris Hughes landed a nice Mirror of 23lbs 12ozs while Steve Johnson took a 12lb Common and James Barham scored a little higher with a13 pounder. Dan Owen landed a nice 7lb 06oz Bream.
Atkins Water was extremely busy on Sunday and some nice fish were caught including a 14lb 08ozs taken by Charles Wells pictured below.

Atkins hosted another Open match on Saturday but as yet the results are not to hand.
Magpie Lake hosted the Fire and Rescue Service on Friday and the Brian Holden Memorial Match on Sunday.  The Brian Holden Match was won by Mark Baker with 52-02, Mark retained the trophy he won last year beating his Dad yet again.  2nd place went to S Smith with 44-08, 3rd was Jim Carroll with 40-08 and 4th was Robin Lipscombe with 29-13.
Pleasure anglers on Magpie on Saturday had great sport with numbers of Carp caught well into the 20s and 30s. Kevin Dumbrill has again been making some big catches at Magpie, he landed 34 weighing between 4.5lbs and 13lbs for an estimated total weight between 190 Ė 210lbs in a session lasting around 5.5 hours. He also lost several fish so the total could have been even higher.
Young Ben Mansfield was also amongst the fish with a catch of 20 plus Carp.
Prospects for the coming week are looking good with a prolonged warm spell predicted.
27th May 2013
Magpie Lake is ON FIRE! The  John Holmes Memorial matches were held over Sunday and Monday with some spectacular results.
Sunday's match produced some pretty good weights, but Monday's match had some mega catches.
Winner on Sunday was Nigel Fawkes with 107 - 04, 2nd was Simon Easey with 87 - 08, 3rd was Andy Kleen with 68 - 08 and 4th was Vic German with 67 - 04.
Monday saw Martin Caldecoat hit the high notes with a mega catch of 177 - 04, next was Simon Easey some 50 odd lbs adrift with 127 - 12, 3rd with 85 - 12 was Vinny Easey while William Easey took 4th with 71 - 08.

Ann Holmes with match organiser Martin Caldecoat and Sunday's winner Nigel Fawkes.

The Fire and Rescue Service have a match on Magpie on Friday fishing 10 - 3.  The B Holden charity match is on Sunday again on Magpie fishing again 10 - 3.  Pegs should be available for pleasure anglers on both days.  Magpie is available on Saturday for pleasure anglers.
Leland Water has also been producing the goods yet again with another week of high twenties coming out. Peter White had a Mirror of 26 - 04 and then bagged up on Commons of 26 - 00, 14 - 08 and 7 - 00.  Stu Thompson netted his personal best Common of 28 - 11 in a catch that also included a 15 - 15 Mirror and more Commons of 10 - 09 and 25 - 09.  His guest Ben Herriot caught a cracking 6 - 10 Tench to round off a successful session. Meanwhile Pom Walia and his guest banked Commons of 28 - 04 and 11 - 06 plus a personal best Mirror of 27 - 08. Matt Dunne continue his success with some of the big Bream now showing at Leland. Matt landed a cracker of 8 - 10.  There are rumours of a possible double figure Bream caught by a Carp angler but not weighed.  Prospects are looking really good now the weather is warming the water and getting the Carp on the move.
Atkins Water is still producing some nice bags of Bream and Roach.  Carp are showing all around the island on sunny days.  Ben Mansfield had a nice catch of Bream and Roach weighing in at 18 - 12.
Atkins is hosting an OPEN MATCH on Saturday, so will be closed from 11am until 6.30pm.
19th May 2013
Magpie Lake is still fishing well with good weights from all around the lake.  This weekend sees the John Holmes memorial matches being held on Sunday and Monday.  This year is split into 2 separate matches. All places are now taken. Result for the Papworth Trust Charity match held on Saturday was won by John Belshaw with 62lb 08ozs.
Atkins Water is getting a few more visitors and is starting to produce some varied catches for anglers.  Bream are beginning to make up more of the catches, but also Tench are showing up as well as the water warms.  There are still a good few Carp being caught.
Leland Water. Leland is still producing plenty of 20lb Carp.  Matt Dunne and his guest Simon Maguire made do with a couple of fish between them namely a 12lb Common and a 16lb Mirror. They also got amongst some of Leland's big Bream. Pom Walia was into the bigger fish with a Mirror of 23-08 and Commons of 15-04, 22-06, 23-09 and the biggest at 25-05.  Dave Badcock even managed to avoid his customary blank with an 18-04 Mirror and Commons of 14 and 18-04. Well done Dave.  Mel Buddle returned a couple of times in the week but was unable to revisit the high of last week.  He caught a few bits, mainly Rudd, Roach and a Tench.
12th May 2013
Leland Water life member Mel Buddle caused a bit of a stir on Friday when he hooked and landed a 25-08 Common on double red maggot while fishing for Roach and Tench. The Carp took a while to land but land it he did! Picture below

Other notable catches of the week on Leland came to James Barham, who again had a great 5 hour session in mid-week with 3 Commons of 15-08, 19-04, and 19-08 plus a Mirror of 27-08.  He also had 2 Commons the previous day of 11 and 13lbs. Matt Dunne fished an evening and had 3 Commons of 10-08, 20-12 and 25-14. Matt returned to fish overnight a couple of days later with his guest Simon Maguire, who netted a nice Mirror of 24-02.  Another member Simon Neep also fishing a short session took 2 Commons of 25-10 and 20-06. Mel Buddle returned to the scene of his earlier triumph to get a nice bag of 19 Rudd.  Jon Sharpe was also into the Carp with a nice 23-10 Common.
Atkins Water is producing some good Carp plus some good bags of Roach. Plenty of Carp are basking in the sun when it decides to shine. Atkins is open to day ticket anglers this weekend.
Magpie Lake hosted 2 matches at the weekend.  The Open match on Saturday was won by Simon Easy 96lb 14ozs, 2nd Shaun Fulcher 85lb 12ozs, 3rd John Younger 70lb 02ozs, 4th Kevin Sands 60lb 06ozs.  The Waggon and Horses AC held a match on Sunday but the results are not to hand at present.
The lake is generally fishing very well all the way round and prospects are looking good for even better catches over the coming weeks.
Check the notice board for available pegs at the weekend.
Magpie is closed on Saturday from 9 - 4 for the Papworth Trust Charity match, but pleasure anglers are welcome when the match has finished.
7th May 2013

Leland water again has fished really well over the last week. Apart from the usual catches of big carp the notable fish of the week was a 9lb 8oz Bream caught by Dan Owen.  Dan was fishing as a guest of Chris Hughes when he contacted this huge Bream [see 2nd May below].  It was a good night for Chris as well when he landed a Personal Best Mirror of 27lb 14ozs.  He also landed a 14lb Common. Other notable catches included Carp of 23-04, 17-08, 11 and 13 to James Barham. Tony Staines was finally amongst the fish Carp of 11 and 20lbs plus a 6-11 Tench. Stuart Thompson had a particularly good day with 4 Commons of 14, 22-08, 24 and 26 plus a Mirror of 18-08. Matt Dunn was once again on the money with Commons of 10-08, 20-12 and 25-04. Prospects look really good with the vast improvement in the weather.

Atkins Water is beginning coming up with some better catches as the weather warms up.  Plenty of Carp are basking in the sun and catches are improving.

Magpie Lake has hosted 2 matches over the weekend.

The first on Saturday was the 3rd of a series of Open matches organised by the club and once again Magpie was up to the challenge.

1st was Simon Easey with a massive 107 lb 12 ozs, Match organiser Keith Ellington was 2nd with 61 lb 2 ozs, Shaun Fulcher with 50 lb 4 ozs was 3rd and Shaun Stearn with 33 lb 8 ozs was 4th.

Sunday saw Sutton Ac fishing on Magpie and again weights were good considering the match was fished for only 3 hours. 1st M Sprogg with 36lb 06, 2nd S Frear 30lb 10 and 3rd B Mansfield 25lb 09

Pleasure anglers are also getting some really good catches.  Several are targeting Roach and being very successful.  The Carp are averaging 4 Ė 5lbs, so some big weights are being easily achieved. There's a few big fish coming out at present as seen below with Kevin Dumbrill's 12lb Common taken on Saturday.

Day tickets are available on the bank for both Magpie and Atkins.
2nd May 2013
Leland Water Bream Record SMASHED!
The Bream record for Leland has been well and truly beaten a fish of 9lb 8ozs. Fishing a night session with his brother in law, Chris Hughes, Dan Owen landed this monster.

Chris also had a personal best Mirror Carp of 27lbs 14ozs, so not a bad night.

29th April 2013

Magpie Lake is continuing to fish well with many anglers taking high numbers of quality Carp and Roach. Kevin Dumbrill was again amongst the high numbers [15 Carp and counting] when I saw him on Saturday and he still had an afternoon to fish through.

The 2nd of the series of Open matches was fished on Saturday afternoon with a much better turn out than the previous week.

Once again Magpie proved what a good match venue it is with consistent weights throughout the match pegs.

1st Simon Easey with 60lb 08ozs,

2nd Brian Day with 48lb 08ozs,

3rd Mick Curtis with 41lb 09ozs

4th John Cartwright with 41lbs.

It seems fishing the afternoon really produces some better weights.

The 3rd match in the series is this coming Saturday 4th May, draw 11am Fishing 12pm Ė 6pm. Call Keith Ellington to secure your place 01954 200755

Sunday 5th May, Sutton Angling Club are holding a match on Magpie.
Day tickets will be available on Magpie on both days, see the notice board at the lake to see which pegs are available.
Atkins Water is getting a few more visitors. A few more Carp are showing in the catches alongside some excellent quality Roach. The occasional Tench and Bream are also featuring in catches.

Leland Water has again been turning up so nice big Carp. Not quite as big as the previous week but most anglers are leaving with smiles on their faces. James Barham has been amongst the big fish yet again with Commons of 19-12 and 24-08 plus a Mirror of 14-08. He returned at the end of the week to catch another Common of 14lb. Mel Buddle had 3 sessions during week and recorded good catches of Roach, Rudd and Bream. 15 roach in one of those visits was the highlight of his week. James Sharp, Matt Dunn and Chris Hughes all had double figure Carp to 15-08 during the week.

24th April 2013
Leland Water continues it's run of great form. WAC Bailiff, Dan Owen, banked his personal best Carp with a 25-12 Mirror during a night session.

Pictured below is another of Simon Maguire's captures while fishing with Matt Dunn. It's getting to be a habit. This time a 24-8 Mirror.

22nd April 2013
Leland Water is on fire! The last few days have seen several 20lb + Carp banked. Best fish was to James Barham, a Common of 27-12. James also had Mirrors of 26-12 & 14-08.  Matt Dunn was undone by his guest Simon Maguire who tempted 3 20 + fish, Commons of 26lbs and 20-04 plus a Mirror of 22-08.  Matt had a consolation Mirror at 14lb. Ian Moules had a Mirror of 22-08 while Mel Buddle targeted the Roach, Rudd and Perch with some success.  More 20s have come out today details in the next report.
Magpie Lake  continues to improve with more anglers being brought out by the warmer weather.  The lake is alive with Carp when the sun is out! Not just Carp are being targeted, a couple targeted the Roach on Sunday and were rewarded with some really nice fish including one of 1lb 10ozs [Picture below]

WAC hosted it's 1st Open Match for several years on Magpie last  Saturday.  In a change from the usual times, this match was fished from 12 noon - 6pm in an effort to get more action as the water warmed up in the afternoon.  It certainly seemed to work! With weights of 43lbs, 39lbs and 38lbs taking the first 3 places.  Another match is planned for this coming Saturday 27th April, draw at 11am fish 12-6. Call Keith Ellington on 01954 200755 to book your place.
Pleasure anglers will find pegs available on the day, check the notice board for details.
Atkins Water  has seen a few more fishing of late.  Results have been mixed but several are getting good bags of Roach with the bonus of some nice Carp, Tench and Golden Tench.

Keith Newman with A Golden Tench from Atkins Water.

15th April 2013
Magpie Lake is again approaching top form.  The improvement in the weather has obviously got the fish in a feeding mood.  Many big number catches of Carp are coming out all around the lake.  One angler had 29 Carp between 8.30 and mid-day today [15th].  Pellet seems to be the going bait at present with Red Maggot a close second.  Prospects look excellent for the coming week.
Atkin's Water is also on the up with  some Carp and Tench putting in an appearance over the last couple of days.  Bream are also beginning to feature as well.  Again prospects look good.

That man Keith Newman again with a near 10lb Atkins Mirror

Leland Water continues to fish well for members with Mirrors of 28-10, 24-8, 22, 19 and 17lbs coming out over the last few days, but just 1 Common of 10lbs.  One member had a great catch of 27 Roach plus a few Rudd and a Perch.
Magpie is hosting an OPEN MATCH on Saturday 20th call Keith on 01954 200755 to book your place.
Day tickets are available on the bank for both Atkin's and Magpie
8th April 2013
Atkin's Water hosted its first match of the year on Sunday [7th]. Barrington AC fished from 10am - 4pm and recorded some good weights, mainly Carp but some nice Bream as well. 1st place went to Ian Palmer with 26lb 9ozs, 2nd was Steven Speed with 20lbs 5ozs and 3rd was Jim Read with 18lbs 9ozs.
Pleasure anglers have struggled during the week but the winning match anglers fed heavily so perhaps that's the secret to success on Atkins?

Match winner Ian Palmer with an 11lb 14ozs Mirror from Atkins Water.

Magpie Lake is fishing well.  John Bretherick returned again this week and bagged up with 18 Carp to 8lbs in weight.  He also had a few Perch and Roach.  Wayne Easey and Colin Edwards fished a late afternoon session and were soon amongst the Carp, taking a a good number in just a few short hours.

Leland Water continues to throw up it's secrets.  This last week has seen several good fish landed with the pick going to Pom Walia, who recorded his personal best fish, a 28-14 Common plus another of  21-8 and a 17-6 Mirror. Other Carp recorded were 10lb, 13lb and 15lb all Commons. Prospects are looking good.

The club are going to run a series of open matches shortly on Magpie Lake, watch the website and the Cambridge News for more details.
3rd April 2013
Magpie Lake is still improving as the Spring comes in. Although still cold a few more anglers are venturing onto our lakes. Catches of a dozen or more Carp are becoming more of the norm and Roach catches are still being maintained at a good level.

John Bretherick with one of his catch of 12 Carp taken on the afternoon of April 2nd.

Atkinís Water is still a bit of a mystery as 1 day you canít buy a bite and yet another bites come all day or afternoon as in the case of Richard Reynolds. Richard had a great catch of 57 Roach to 12ozs plus some nice Bream in a 3 hour afternoon session on the pole.
Barrington AC have a match on Atkinís on Sunday 7th April so the lake will be closed from 9am Ė 3.30pm.
Leland Water continues to give up itís Carp. Over the last week 15 Carp have been caught between 4lb and 28.08lb, including 2 at 18lb a 24-07lb, and a 26lb.
Magpie and Atkins are both available on day tickets on the bank.
Leland Water is only open to Life and 10 year members and their guests until June 15th inc. after which day tickets will be available.
19th March 2013
Magpie Lake is still improving with good catches of both Carp and Roach.  Martin Butler had a brilliant catch of quality Roach on Thursday last and topped it off with a few nice Carp.  John Breterick fished the same day for 12 Carp and again some quality Roach.
Atkin's Water is still getting little attention although those that have fished have found some Bream willing to feed.
Magpie Lake remains open throughout the old close season with day tickets available on the bank.
Atkin's Water reverts to a day ticket only water until June 16th, after which it will again be available to club members on the club card.
Leland Water has fished really well over the last week.  Member Chris Richard had a really good day last week when he landed Common Carp of 19lb, 15-02, 16lb and 10-02 plus a bonus Bream.  He also lost an estimated 20 pounder at the net.  Tony Staines had 2 guests over the weekend 1 of who landed an 18-04 Mirror.  Tony caught several Bream, as did Matt Dunn.  Mr. X also had a good session with Commons of 20-05, 16lb and 10lb.  He returned the following day to get yet another Common of 14-09.  Matt also returned to blitz another 5 Bream out.  Day ticket anglers Crisp and Elliott had a good day after pike and landed 5 between them from 6lb to 17lb. Leland is now closed for Day Tickets until June 16th.
7th March 2013
Leland Water has struggled to produce any decent fish over the last month or so, probably because of the cold weather and heavy rainfall.  However today our most regular day ticket angler Fev Sevillono hit the jackpot with this cracking Common Carp of 28-10.  Well done Fev for persistence throughout the cold weather.  He also landed another 2 Commons of 10lbs each and lost 2 more. Well done Fev for persistence throughout the cold weather.
Our publicity shy life member, Mr X, had his best day of the winter with 2 Commons at 17-06 and 24lb respectively, plus a 24-12 Mirror.  Another life member caught 2 nice Bream of around 6lbs each in a short session.

Atkinís Water remains quiet and relatively un-fished.
Magpie Lake however is getting more attention and the catches of Carp are improving. Several anglers have been getting up to a dozen at a sitting plus quite a few quality Roach to around the pound mark.
16th February 2013
At last some decent weather and a few more anglers out on the lakes.  Atkins is still not producing big catches but there are a few decent fish coming out.  Magpie continues to turn out some nice carp to 12lbs.  A few nice Roach as well are featuring in catches. If this weather holds we should see a big upturn in catches.

Snowdrops on Magpie Lake. The clearance of the island is clearly shown.

5th February 2013
Magpie Lake has seen a few more anglers over the last couple of weeks.  Catches have been mixed but most are catching.  Catches of up to a dozen Carp have been made along with mixed catches including some nice Roach.  John Bretherick from Perry near Huntingdon had a catch of 7 nice Carp on Monday [4th].  The water level is extremely high so care should be taken when moving around the lake.
Atkin's Water remains relatively quite but there have been a few highlights with Phil Grimshaw catching Carp to 6lbs in  short 2 hour session.  He returned a couple of days later to get a 10lb Mirror.
Day tickets for Magpie and Atkins are available on the bank
Leland Water again has seen few anglers and catches have been low.  The prospects for Pike are looking good after the cold weather of the last 2 weeks.
Day Tickets are available from Tony Leadley by calling him on 07966 487 320. These must be booked in advance.
24th January 2013
Our pumps and paddle wheels have kept Magpie, Atkins and Leland ice free for the most part.  As no anglers have fished any of the lakes, the paddle wheels were switched off on Magpie and Atkins. Leland's paddle wheel is still turning so most of the lake is ice free.  The intention is to restart the paddle wheels on Friday afternoon and with the thaw setting in on Friday as well, all of the lakes will be ice free on Saturday.
14th January 2013
Leland Water has produced a few Pike over the last week, but no Carp which are being particularly difficult this winter.  One of our regular members has usually done well in previous winters but has struggled so far in this one.  Pike caught weighed in at 16lb 01ozs and 12lb 15ozs with several smaller ones as well.  The lake is clear of ice at present but if the cold snap continues some areas may ice up.  Our paddle wheel may well come into it's own in the coming week and keep most of the lake ice free.
Magpie Lake is still producing reasonable catches to anyone who bothers to give it a try.  Certainly catches of up to 10 Carp and more are possible.
Atkin's Water has seen few fishing it but those who have fished are catching, not huge quantities but they are there to be caught.
The River Cam is now fishable after the downpours of the last few weeks.  Very few are fishing and I have not had any reports.
7th January 2013

Owen Peck with a Magpie Lake Common Carp.

Magpie Lake is still producing good catches.  Martin Butler was back again on Saturday 5th and netted around 20 Carp with a plenty of silver fish as well. Atkin's Water remains quiet with few fishing it.
Leland Water is still a bit on the slow side but a few pike are coming out along with a few Carp. Prospects are good for the next few days if the weather forecasts are correct and the milder weather persists. Dave Lock landed a 15lb 06oz Mirror while Bob Dodd had a nice catch of 20 Roach on his pole a method very much overlooked on Leland.  Well done Bob.
4th January 2013

Steve Wells with a hard won Common from Atkin's Water

Atkin's Water has had few visitors over the holiday period but those who have braved the weather have had some reasonable results as can be seen above.  The levels on both Atkin's and Magpie are the highest we have seen since they were opened.  Water has encroached onto the banks on both lakes, however both are still fishable.
Magpie is still producing good bags of Carp and Roach o those prepared to get their swims going with a bit of bait. Several good bags taken today in the mild conditions.
Day tickets are available on the bank for both Magpie and Atkin's
Leland Water is still a bit below top level but it's still producing some good results. 3 Pike weighing in at 24lbs was the reward to one lucky day ticket holder.  The fish weighed 12lbs, 10lbs and a 2lb jack. Also Carp of 19lb 03ozs and 12lb were caught on New Years eve.
Life members also caught well with Mr. X lifting the lake record for Bream to 7lb 06ozs.  He also squeezed out a 14lb 10oz Common Carp.  Greg English landed a Common of 13lb 08ozs.  Highlight of the week and probably the year was the 18lb 09oz Pike taken by Ian Lewis on New Years Eve.  This was the biggest pike for several years so hopefully one or two bigger fish are now attaining the magical 20lb target of many Pike Anglers?
Day Tickets are available from Tony Leadley by calling him on 07966 487 320. These must be booked in advance.


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All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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