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Leland booking number has changed to 07930 696639

3rd December 2014

Atkins Water nothing to report apart from very few fishing so very few fish coming out.

Magpie Lake is seeing a few more anglers and they are getting a good few fish.  Catches include some excellent roach to 1.5lbs as part of some excellent bags approaching 20 – 30lbs.  Carp are still coming out in good numbers and with the occasional better fish to double figures.

Leland Water is still doing well for big Carp with more big carp coming out last week.  Richard Ginn caught a 33-06 common as reported last week [image below] while  Fev Sevillono landed a big mirror at 31-15. Roach and Rudd are still showing in good numbers as Mel Buddle proves week on week.

The River Cam is high, fast and coloured so few are fishing at present.



The Hugh Reynold's Memorial Pike Match took place yesterday on Leland Water in dreadful conditions.  Only a few small pike were tempted with the the biggest weighing in at 7lb exactly.  This fish also won the match for John Sanders of Waterbeach, Clive King was 2nd with a 6lb 8oz fish while Julien Baird was 3rd with 3 fish. Julien should have one the match but unfortunately returned his 1st fish before it was witnessed by a marshal. The event raised £200 for the British Heart Foundation.  Thanks to all who participated.

Leland Water again has turned up trumps with yet another thirty pound plus fish. This time member Richard Ginn landed a 33lb 3oz specimen common carp.

Atkins Water has been very quiet but as always those who have fished have caught some nice fish especially roach.

Magpie Lake is still producing carp but roach are still showing well.  Len Proctor again had a big catch of roach and carp mid-week.

The River Cam is high and rushing through making it virtually unfishable.

17th October 2014
The last few weeks have been a bit quite on our 2 smaller lakes with few anglers visiting. However those that have fished have had some reasonable catches. 
Len Proctor fished Magpie Lake last week and had a bumper catch of quality roach probably in excess of 40lbs.  He also caught a few carp as well towards the end of his day. Other regulars have been catching carp although not to the excesses of the summer which is to be expected. 
Atkins Water has been difficult but even here there have been some bright spots.  Mainly roach and bream but a few nice carp as well.
Leland Water however has been and is still giving up some big carp.  Best of the bunch was a 31-05 Common to Carl Shannon [image attached] on his first visit to Leland as a guest of Si Maguire who also had a 32-00 on his first visit to Leland a few months back. 

Peter White caught a 29-00 earlier in the week while Matt Dunn landed mirrors of 23-12 and 18-00 and a 13-00 common. Greg English had commons of 14-08 and 15-01 plus a 21lb mirror. He also had a bit of a bream bonanza as well. Mel Buddle had a nice catch of quality roach midweek. 
Day ticket angler Martyn Flack was top of the day ticket anglers with a 28-04 Common.

13th October 2014

Leland Water has again been making some anglers very happy over the last week.  Martyn Flack beat his personal best record with a 29lb 3oz common [see below], he also had a nice 20lb 6oz mirror

Chris Tuck bagged up with over 40lb of bream plus some nice tench and lots of silver fish.  Damon Cooper caught mirror carp of 22-08, 13-10 and a common of 22-08. He also had 2 nice bream. Alan Smith netted commons of 24-04 and a PB of 28-06.
Members have also been amongst the fish with Peter White catching an 18-00 mirror, James Barham catching a a 14lb common, Richard Ginn a 21-03 common. Pom Walia caught a 26-14 mirror, while Mel Buddle landed an unexpected mirror of 26-07 while trying for silver fish and tench.
Atkins Water is still fishing pretty well with good catches of roach beginning to feature more as the winter approaches. Still a good few carp showing up in anglers catches. Prospects look OK but the heavy rain forecast could put a damper on catches.
Magpie Lake is also fishing well with most anglers getting among the carp and as with Atkins the roach are showing more and more.
The River Cam has been producing a few silver fish and the occasional carp and as reported a couple of weeks back a 27lb common was netted. The captor was Waterbeach AC bailiff Dan Owen see picture below.


30th September 2014

Leland Water new record Common of 34-08 to Dave Lock. Dave Lock continues to improve on his fantastic season so far at Leland Wate.Dave fishing a night session was a bit down on his usual high numbers of fish, with only 3 on this visit.  He netted a a 6lb tench, followed by a 24lb Mirror but topped it all off with a massive 34-08 Common. This fish pushes the lake record up from 32-04 caught earlier this year by James Barham.

Dave Lock and the new record common from Leland Water 34-08

Several other twenties were also landed by other members, their guests and also Day Ticket anglers. Full report to follow.
Atkins Water is fishing well with several double figure carp coming out. A 14lb Mirror was the pick of the bunch and a 12lb common was agood back up fish. Several nice size roach are also beginning to figure in catches as are a good few bream.
Magpie Lake is again fishing really well several anglers have reported not just big fish but also big numbers of carp.  As on Atkins, quality  roach are beginning to show in catches. Prospects on all lakes are looking good.
The River Cam is also coming onto top form as it returns to normal level. Some big carp have been seen downstream of Bottisham Locks and at least one of 27lbs has been caught in recent days.

10th September 2014

Leland Water produced these 2 Commons for Dave Collen last week at 25-00 and 28-08.

1st September 2014. Sorry for the belated report as I've been busy sorting out our flooded house.
Leland Water has produced a few good catches over the last 3 weeks, one of the notable catches was made by young Jacob Pease who landed 3 cracking Bream with the biggest weighing in at 8lb. [Below] Well done Jacob.

Nick Coggs-Pelham landed a Mirror of 22-02 early in the month while Simon Ellis landed an 18lb Common. Members James Barham and Richard Ginn both had a few nice fish as well with Richard taking a 16lb Mirror and Commons of 17-02 & 24-04. James had 5 Commons from 6-00 through to 21-08 and 27-4. Stuart Thompson landed a Common of 24-03 and Mirrors of 24-04 & 26-06, his guest, M Reeves took 3 mid doubles plus a 22-15 Common. Danny Browne had 3 Commons of 10-00, 11-00 and 16-14 plus a Mirror of 19-08. Danny also had a 18-00 Mirror later in the week. Ashley Shipp was among the Mirrors with a 16-08 & a 28-01, well done Ashley that's a cracking fish. Alan Tirrell had a mega catch of small Roach, Rudd and Perch estimated at 100 plus fish. Matt Foster blanked while his partner landed Commons of 11-00 & 25-00 plus a 16-00 Mirror. Chris Smith Commons of 25-00, 18-00 and 13-00.  Matt Foster struggled out with a 19-00 Common to break his duck on Leland. Meanwhile  his mate Dave Coleen netted a 28-08 beauty [both below].


Dave Lock was again amongst the big fish in numbers with an overnight session that produced 3 Mirrors of 28-04, 18-08 & 22-00 plus Commons of 24-06, 21-00, 21-06, 21-08, 16-00 and a 30-04. Phew what a catch.


Atkins Water has been fishing in fits and starts but there are a few good fish being caught.  Some nice Bream plus some hefty Carp. Prospects are looking good  as the weather cools, so expect to see the Roach catches increase.
Magpie Lake has fished really well with several double figure Carp coming out. Some mega numbers of Carp are also being caught as well with some anglers getting in excess of 20 fish in a session. Again prospects are looking good.

7th August 2014

Updates for July and to date

Leland Water updates for the season so far.

In the first week of the season James Barham’s guest took a Fully scaled mirror at 27-12. John Browne had a couple of nice tench while son Danny took a carp of around 10lbs. Julian Hill had a nice 16lb mirror, while Dave Badcock caught a tench. Richard Ginn took a 10lb common and Mel Buddle had a nice catch of Rudd, and tench. James Sharpe making a rare visit was rewarded with a nice 28.08 common. Mel Buddle again had a good catch of rudd. Pom Walia got a break from work and managed an 11lb common. Tony Staines and his guests fished through the rain of the 8th and 9th July and had mirrors of 26-08, 18.00 and 23; Commons of 25.05, 15.00 and 12.00. They also managed to contact some bream and tench. Stuart Thompson also on a work break had 2 mirrors of 16lbs and a common of 8. He also had a Silver common of 16.08 and 4 tench. Pom Walia was back again on July 13th to catch commons of 21 and 14. He also retuned later in the week to take a 24lb during a lightning display. His guest also enjoyed the light show and the fight from a 19lb common. Matt Dunn visited on the 27th July and caught a mirror of 15-10. James Barham was again out down by his guest who managed to catch a 19lb mirror while James blanked. Day ticket anglers have had a bit of success as well with the Scurlls doing well with commons of 13.00 and 14.08. Mr Brooks had commons of 23.08 and 12.00. Some nice bream have also shown up with M Kirkup catching 5 to 7.04. M Flack had a cracking 23.00 common on 13th July. Phil Grimshaw has finally broken his duck with a nice 10.02 common, while L Scurll had an 18.00 common on the 2nd August. There have also been good catches of rudd, tench, perch and a cracking 2.00 roach to C Tuck.

Magpie and Atkins have fished well over this period and continue to do so. There have been some really big bags of carp from Magpie with plenty of anglers fishing. Atkins has also turned out some cracking fish.

Charles Wells 11.75lb mirror

The only downside to this is the amounts of litter being left around the lakes. There’s no excuse for this! You bought it with you take it home and dispose of it in your rubbish bin. WAC doesn’t get a rubbish collection so the committee members end up taking the discarded rubbish home to put in their bins.

15th June 2014

A few photos from 1 evening at Atkins water last week.

1st June 2014

A few photos from Atkins, Magpie and Leland from the last week.


Magpie Lake is fishing really well at present with many catches into the 20s of fish caught. The carp are in excellent condition and fight like Tigers. There's another match on Sunday 8th June, this time the Willow Grange Open for a 1st prize of £100.  Draw at 9am, fishing from 10am - 5pm.  this is now fully booked.  Pleasure anglers can commence fishing at 6pm once the match anglers have weighed in.

Atkin's Water, as can be seen from the above photos, is producing some cracking carp.  Bream and Golden Tench are also being caught along with roach and the occasional Chub.

Leland Water  opens it's doors to day ticket anglers on June 16th.  In the light of recent catches, there will be pressure to secure day tickets in the opening week or so, so it's advisable to book early to secure your spot. 6 day tickets are available each weekday while this is limited to 4 per day at weekends.

One or two tench are being caught the best this week was to Ian Moules at 7-10.Danny Browne had an 18-00 common while Tony Staines struggled but managed 4 bream, 2 tench and a small common. The latter part of the week saw a marked improvement in the weather and also the catches. Stuart Thompson had a good overnight session with commons of 19-11, 25-15 and a 29-03, needless to say he went home happy.  Dan Owen fishing as Stuart's guest had a cracking 19-06 Linear carp [picture above] plus a 14-09 mirror and a 11-08 common.  David Lock had another excellent couple of days when he landed 3 commons of 25-00, 14-03 and 16-07 plus 3 mirrors of 28-04, 28-00 and 21-05. Prospects remain good.

25th May 2014
Magpie Lake was the venue for the John Holmes Memorial Match on Sunday last.  This was the first match held on Magpie since last year’s KHV infection and proved that contrary to rumours that all the carp had died, Magpie still has plenty of carp alive and feeding. This match returned some great weights and numbers of carp caught.  1st place went to Vic German with a 30 fish catch weighing 128lbs exactly from peg 5.  2nd place went to Simon Easey with 23 carp for 90lbs 4ozs from peg 25. 3rd spot went to Jon Cartwright who narrowly pipped Nigel Fawkes by 8ozs. Jon weighed in with 80lbs 12ozs while Nigel had 80lbs 4ozs.  17 anglers fished and weighed in a total of 685lbs at an average of just over 40lbs per peg. Ann Holmes was on hand to receive a cheque for £85 for the CPS Orphanage in Nepal a charity that John and Ann had supported for many years.
Ann Holmes accepting the proceeds for the John Holmes Memorial Match for the CPS Orphanage in Nepal
Vic German receiving his winnings for 1st place in today's match

June 8th sees the Willow Grange Open taking place at the same venue.  This match will be fished from 10am -4pm with the draw at 9am and has a top prize of £100.

Magpie Lake has fished well all of last week with carp being the main catch.  Best catch of the week was to Len Proctor who landed 37 carp in mid week.  Others have had good numbers of fish with roach still showing well.  Prospects should improve if the good weather persists. Day tickets are available on the bank on Magpie and Atkins Water..

Atkins Water was busy, busy, busy on Sunday with all the pegs taken.  Catches were good with numerous carp coming out all around the lake.  A few bream and roach were also caught along with some nice tench.  Again prospects look good if the weather holds.

Atkins Water 25/05/2014

Leland Water yet produced another 30+ carp this time caught by new member Simon Maguire on his first trip to Leland since he became a member.  Simon's common weighed in at exactly 32lbs and was witnessed and weighed by myself. An absolute beauty as can be seen by the images below.

20th May 2014

Magpie Lake continues to fish well with some good catches of carp becoming the norm. Several anglers practicing for the John Holmes Memorial Match this coming weekend [25th] have reported not only good numbers of carp but some double figure fish as well.  The roach fishing isn’t quite as good as it was in past weeks but some good specimens are coming out. The John Holmes Memorial Match is being fished from 11am – 5pm so Magpie will be closed until the match anglers have left at around 6pm, when the lake will again be open for pleasure anglers.

Atkins Water is hitting top form with some excellent catches of carp being reported. One angler landed 7 carp to 14lbs in midweek. There are plenty of tench, bream and roach coming out as well. Some of the carp are looking to spawn with lots of activity around the island and the lake edges.

Leland Water also continues to throw up some excellent catches and yet another 30lb plus fish has fallen to David Lock.  David, pictured below] also had a mirror of 21-00, as well as the common of 31-03. David’s other fish included commons of 16, 18, 19 and 27lbs as well as a fine tench of 7-06.  Stuart Thompson had a mirror of 23-00 plus commons of 20-03 and 25-08.  Matt Dunn fished a short session and caught a mirror of 17-08.  . John Browne banked a 27lb common while his son, Danny, banked 2 commons of 15 & 21lbs. Our non-publicity seeking, Mr Anon, had a good session with commons of 28 & 15lbs as well as mirrors of 15, 18 and 23lbs.  He also managed some bream and a pike.

Dave Lock 31-03 common

Dave Lock 29-00 mirror

Dave Lock 27-06 common

15th May 2014

Leland Water was a bit quieter until Tony Staines settled in for a overnight session. Tony enjoyed the best catch of his season with 11 carp to 26lb. Using particle baits Tony’s catch consisted of mirrors of 16-14, 20-00, 20-02, 26-14 and commons of 25-04, 25-13, 9-00, 8-12, 16-14, 24-13, 15-14. He also managed to find time to catch 3 bream as well. Another catch of note was James Barham yet again with 2 commons of 18-12 and 19-05. Mel Buddle was also in the fish with another good catch of roach, rudd and bream.  The tench he is after again didn’t show.

Tony Staines 25-04 common

Atkins Water is fishing well with some excellent catches of roach but with also some improving numbers of bream being caught. Carp are still featuring in catches.  The water is heavily coloured after the heavy rain but this doesn’t seem to deter the fish.

Magpie Lake is also fishing well, more and more carp are being caught from all around the lake.  The roach are still showing well in catches along with a few small perch. Prospects are looking good for later in the week when the weather warms up.

8th May 2014

Magpie Lake at Landbeach is producing some excellent catches.  Mr Knight landed 12 carp to 11-08lbs and 25 quality roach fishing switching between pellets and maggots.  Others have been getting good catches of carp as the water begins to warm up.  There are still plenty of roach being caught, mainly on maggot.

Owen Robbins with one of his catch of 3 carp from Magpie. Owen's brother, Joseph, had a catch of 21 fish including a 9lb carp.

Atkins Water is also coming on form with a good few bream now being caught. Rumours of a 14lb mirror carp have surfaced we are just waiting on the photo [see below].  Other species are roach, tench and some better sized perch.

Carlos Mitchell Atkins Mirror.

Mel Buddle with an Atkins Ghostie.

Leland Water continues its run of big fish; Richard Ginn is getting into some nice fish with mirrors of 15lb and 25lb on his latest visit. Ian Moules returned for his second visit of the year and caught mirrors of 18-08 and 25-00 plus 2 tench with the best weighing in at 7lbs. James Barham was back again and continues his run of good fish with another common of 18-04.  Tony Staines is gaining a reputation of bream master after landing 6 in an overnight session.

Waterbeach Club cards will be available in local tackle shops from next week, prices remain the same as for the last few years. Details on this website.

27th April 2014

Leland has continued its run of good form with more big carp being landed.  Richard Ginn had a 25lb mirror and a 20lb common, Pom Walia a 19-04 common, his fishing partner, Stuart Thompson, had commons of 14 & 16 plus mirrors of 17 & 27.  David Lock caught a 27-04 common and a 19 mirror while father and son team of Danny & John Browne took a 13 mirror and bream of 6, 7 & 8lbs.  Ian Moules visited for the first time this year and caught the equal second biggest fish of the week a 27-04 common.  Our Mr Anon managed a 20-06 mirror, while Richard Ginn returned to bank a 17lb common.  Mel Buddle reported catching a lot of silver fish.  One or two tench are beginning to show with one of almost 8lbs being the best so far. As reported last week James Barham landed a new record common carp from Leland at 32-04 I’ve now attached the picture.

Atkins Water is fishing well to the few anglers who are giving it a try.  One angler landed a fabulous looking 18lb common in a short evening session. A good few bream are also coming out.

Magpie Lake is still producing well again with some really good sized carp being caught. The roach fishing is still good but the carp are coming more into their own as the water warms. Prospects are looking good for the coming week.

Day tickets are available on the bank at both Atkins and Magpie.  Day tickets on Leland will be available on 16th June, but must be booked in advance.



Leland Water is once again hitting the headlines, this time with a record common carp of 32lbs-4ozs.  Not content with the 29-07 he caught the previous day James Barham now holds the new record.  James had a mega couple of days at Leland catching the 32, the 29, a 26, a 21 and a 12 all commons plus a bonus mirror of 24. so he went home a very happy chappie. Others also got amongst the twenties with Richard Ginn taking a 25lb mirror and a 20lb common. Chris Hughes caught a mirror and a common both weighing in at 26-08. he also caught another mirror at 20lb and a 16lb linear.

James Barham with his Leland record common carp of 32-04
Chris Hughes 26-08 common


Club members have been busy on the river bank today. The downstream sections at Bottisham Lock have been mown and will be mown again before the new season starts.

Mowing Mowing Gone

 Club members have constructed and erected an Owl nesting box close to Leland Water.  Let us know if you see any Owls using it.

New Owl Box at Leland Water


Magpie Lake continued to provide some excellent sport over the last 2 weeks.  Catches of quality Roach are still being reported but also the Carp are starting to feed well. Several Carp into double figures have been reported and multiple catches of 10 or more fish are becoming more common.  The warmer weather forecast should help improve catches even more in the next week or so.

Atkins Water is also showing signs of improvement.  Waterbeach AC bailiff, Dan Owen, had a cracking session of bagging up on Roach and Perch, plus Bream starting showing in the later part of the day. The Roach Dan caught were all around the pound mark with several just over. He was using Prawns and corn as bait. The best Bream was just on 5lbs.  Other anglers were catching plenty of skimmer Bream and Roach.  Prospects are the same as for Magpie.

Leland Water has produced some nice fish over the last week or so with several twenty pounders coming out.  Tony Staines had a 17-15 Mirror and Commons of  20-06 and 24-00 as well as 4 Bream including one of the really big ones that are in Leland at around 13lbs. Matt Dunn was back again and landed 16-04 Common while our Mr Anon landed a 25-08 Mirror, Commons of 25-07, 18-00 and 15-00. James Barham managed to blank mid-week but bounced back with a cracking Common of 29-07 [picture below] and another Common of 20-02. Mel Buddle was again trying for the Roach and Rudd while secretly hoping for a nice Tench or a big Carp. The Roach were the only fish obliging him this week. Prospects look good especially with warmer weather forecast.

James Barham 29-07 Common

Mel Buddle was again trying for the Roach and Rudd while secretly hoping for a nice Tench or a big Carp. The Roach were the only fish obliging him this week. Prospects look good especially with warmer weather forecast.

Magpie Lake is fishing well as the weather at last improves.  Anglers are catching plenty of Carp with several into double figures.  There are still plenty of Roach being caught as well.  With all this good weather prospects are looking good.

Atkins water like Magpie is improving all the time. Several nice Bream are coming out along with many Carp and Roach. The Carp are in tip top condition and are growing well.  Prospects are again looking good. Day tickets for both Magpie and Atkins are available on the bank.

Leland Water has produced a few carp this last week with a 28lb and a 24-10 both Commons to Matt Dunn. Peter White had an 18lb Common while another member had 5 carp to 27lbs he also landed Bream and Tench. James Barham managed to out fish his guest for a change and landed Commons of 14 and 18lbs. Mel Buddle was again chasing the many Silver fish present in Leland and had some nice Roach and a couple of Perch.

Leland Water is closed to Day Tickets at present but reopens on June 16th.

John Holmes Memorial match 2013 and 2014  The 2013 match once again raised a very welcome £185 from match fees  to help fund the CPS Orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal. This charity was the one that both John and Ann Holmes supported before John's passing.  The club is carrying on with this match again this year on May 26th and will be organised once again by Martin Caldecoat. the charity's website is www.cpsnepal.co.uk where you can find ways to support this worthwhile charity!

Leland Water is now  closed for day tickets until June 16th.  Members and their guests can continue to fish throughout the closed period and member Matt Dunn has made the most of this opportunity with 2 nice Carp taken on Sunday 16th March.

Matt Dunn 28lb Common & below 24-10 Common

Atkins Water has been steadily improving over the last week with some really good bags of Roach, Bream and the occasional Tench. Our local Bailiff Dan Owen had a nice catch of Bream plus a bonus Crucian Carp of around 2lb. Carp have been enjoying the spring sunshine and can be seen basking close to the surface by the island.
Magpie Lake has again produced some excellent fishing.  Only on Wednesday one angler landed 16 carp, the biggest estimated at 10lb, 9 quality Roach and some Bream.  Carp are featuring more in catches as the weather warms.
Unfortunately 1 of our marked landing nets has gone missing from Magpie, so if any fishery owners see anyone using a Middy net with a sprayed Orange rim, please take it off the user and let us know, as it could be contaminated.
Any club members wishing to help out on work parties are welcome to give us a hand this Saturday 22nd at 9am on the Waterbeach road fishery.


Leland Water has been producing a few good fish over the last few weeks. Its mainly being fished by members, who are catching the bulk of the fish. Commons of 25.08, 18.09, 26.06 plus Mirrors of 18.00, 22.07 have been the best of the bunch.  A good few Bream have also shown up but the real big ones remain elusive. Roach and Rudd are present in numbers and are being targeted by Mel Buddle who seems to be catching really well at present. As we approach the close season the weather has finally improved so prospects for the last week of the season look good. On a walk around the lake today (Sunday) several Carp were basking in the sunshine.

Atkins Water is seeing a few more anglers of late and all seem to be catching well.  The major species is Roach and some really good bags have been taken recently. Perch are also showing well and even the occasional Bream is being caught. Matt Foster even managed a Tench. Atkins becomes a day ticket only water from the 15th of March until 16th of June when it can be fished once again to club card holding anglers. Day tickets are priced at £7 for non-members and £5 for club card holders.

MAGPIE LAKE is open for fishing despite rumours circulating to the contrary. It's fishing really well for Roach with so huge numbers coming to anglers who are fishing with really sensitive set ups. Carp are once again beginning to figure in catches in numbers as the weather improves. The club is in the process of renewing the platforms around the lake but this shouldn't interfere with anyone wishing to fish. Again many Carp can be seen sunning themselves close to the surface. Prospects are looking good.

The River Cam is still running through hard but if this spell of dry weather continues the last few days of the season should allow anglers to get some decent catches.



Leland Water has fished well over the last week with several twenties and a thirty coming out. The big Common weighed in at 30-03 and was caught by one of the Leland members. He also had 2 other Commons of 16 and 9lbs respectively.  He had commented on the lack of Mirrors he had caught over the season but his results for the day contradicted that as he went on to record Mirrors of 17-08, 20-02, 20-12, 21-12 and 22-09.  Not a bad days fishing.  Surprisingly a few Tench have also turned up which is unusual for the time of the year.

Rex Atkin Water has had a few more fishing this week and they have had some reasonable results mainly with Roach but also the occasional Bream.

Magpie Lake is still fishing extremely well for Roach. Anglers are getting plenty of 5 – 6oz fish but with some nudging the pound mark. Various baits are working including Bread punch, red maggot and worm. Carp are not giving themselves up easily but one or two anglers are reporting catching up to 10 in a session.  They are all in excellent condition and are of a good size with the ocassional 10 pound fish showing up.

The River Cam is still rushing through so few if any are venturing out.


I have yet to compile a complete report on this seasons catches at Waterbeach Road, but will do so over the next week.

The following is from the 12th January to date [26/01/2014] Numbers of Anglers are down probably because of the atrocious weather.  Happily all the lakes are approaching top water mark, so we shouldn't have the problems of last year. At least it's not frozen up.

Magpie Lake is still turning up a few Carp but mainly Roach.  Len Proctor and richard Reynolds have had some superb catches over the last 2 weeks.
Rex Atkin Water hasn't been fished that much of late but those who have had had mixed results. Mainly Roach but with some Bream have been caught using very fine tackle, with the tip of the float just visble, Red maggot was the better bait.
Leland Water is still producing some decent Carp but again not many are fishing.
Mainly members caught the following; Mirrors of 23-08, 23-13, 27-05, 17-03 and 16-08.
Commons; 18-08, 25-12, 9-00, 13-06, 9-04 and 16lbs exactly.
A few Pike have also showed up with the best at 17-08.
The River Cam is high and running very fast as it has been doing for most of this month.  Prospects for the rest of the season on the river are bleak unless this rain stops very soon.


The Frankenstein fish puts in another appearance on Magpie


Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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While we endeavor to post correct information, we do not accept any responsibility for any incidents what-so-ever, arising from information provided on this website.

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