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News Archive 2015

29th December 2015

Leland Water has slowed but there's still a few coming out.
Magpie is still producing some really nice roach.  The carp are a bit slow but there's a few being caught.
Atkin's Water again is slow but there were some decent weights in the recent SILVER fish match held there on 27th December. Top weight was 13lb, second was 11lb and third 8lb-06.
Don't forget the pike match being held on Leland on Jan. 10th Limited to 15 anglers draw at 9am, fishing from 10am - 3pm. Contact Tony Leadley by text to book your place 07930 696639 a few places left so be quick. 50 first prize + trophy.

8th December 2015

Magpie Lake the roach fishing has taken off in spectacular style.  Len and Pete Proctor had an excellent mornings fishing when they both caught large numbers of quality roach to 1lb+.  Only a few carp came to the rods. Prospects look good with the continuing mild weather.

Atkins Water has seen few fishing but those who haave had some decent sport with roach. Carp are very quiet.

Leland Water is still producing some quality carp. This last week has seen David Badcock charming out 3 commons of 10, 15, and 21lbs. Mr Anonymous had a good day with a 21-12 mirror a 19-14 Common and a beauty of 33-14. Again the mild weather is keeping the carp active.


11th November 2015

Leland Water saw another good fish netted today.  Mark Crisp landed a cracking Mirror of 27lb.  Photo below. Day tickets are available most week days and also at weekends. Call Tony on 07930 696639.  Don't forget 3 fishing visits to Leland entitles you to a free days fishing, so keep your day tickets.

Atkins Water

Still producing some lovely roach and skimmers, carp aren't as keen at present. Advance notice of a match on Atkins for December 27th when the lake will be closed.

Magpie Lake

Similar to Atkins but with the Carp being a bit more obliging. Bank clearance on Magpie is progressing well and will hopefully be finished by the end of the month.


7th November 2015

Leland Water is still producing some really nice fish. Alan Smith had an excellent weekend visit when he netted a 24lb Mirror on the Saturday and a 34lb Common on the Sunday. The 34 is pictured below and the 24 below that.

Atkins Water is fishing well for Roach and Skimmer Bream.  Ian Baker and Kevin Sands both had 60 - 70 fish each in the week.

Magpie lake is quiet but those fishing are getting some nice carp up to 15lbs.


3rd October 2015

A few photos from Leland member Ian Proud of fairly recent Leland Water fish.

14th September 2015
Just a couple of the fish caught on Atkins and Magpie in the last week. More to follow when I receive the photos.

Atkins Water is fishing well for Bream.  One angle reported around 60lb caught on Wednesday of last week all taken on worm. These are fish of up to 6lbs. Other anglers while not getting that sort of weight are having great sport with them. Carp are still coming out to various baits. One angler managed to break his rod on an 11-04 common.
Magpie Lake has produced some big fish as well with 2 over 15lbs witnessed by club officials. Generally the lake is fishing well but as with all fisheries it has its off days.
Leland Water continues to fish well and has over the summer produced many fish over 20lbs and the occasional 30+. Day tickets are available all week and week ends. They must be booked in advance: Leland booking number 07930 696639

3rd August 2015

Atkin's Water hosted a silver fish match for Chivers Angling club on the 2nd of August. The results were as follows 1st Kevin Sands [Coopers Tackle] with 17lb 8ozs, 2nd was John Jones with 8lb 8ozs and 3rd was Tim Cooper with 8lbs exactly. Kevin fished a pole at 13 and 7 metres using chopped worn on pinkie and groudbait.

Atkin's is producing a good selection of fish with plenty of roach and bream plus carp to double figures.

Magpie is fishing extremely well with most catching a good number of fish mainly carp. One of the committee, Bill Watts, weighed 3 of the 20 fish catch he had last week at 10lb, 11-08 and 15lb. Another angler the same day had well over 50 fish for an estimated weight of 200lb+. Day tickets are available on the bank.

There have been 2 matches held on Magpie back in June. The Cambs. Fire & Rescue Service match was won by Brian Yorke with 39lb, second Howard Morley with 29-08 and David Jinks 3rd with 16lb.

Ware Angling Club match was won by I Short with 47-08, S Smith second with 31-08 and 3rd M Baker with 28-08.

Leland Water is fishing well with several big carp being caught. Details of exact weights are not to hand at present but reports are of a 35lb Common being caught. Watch this space.


21st June 2015

Magpie Lake has fished well all week and was the venue for the John Holmes Memorial match today. The match was wone with an excellent catch of 122lbs 13ozs by Simon Easy. Second was John Cartwright with 69lbs 12ozs and third was John Belshaw with 53lbs 8ozs. The amount raised for the CPS children's charity in Nepal will be announced on here shortly.

L-R John Cartwright, Martin Caldecoat and Simon Easey.

Atkin's Water has been producing some nice bream and roach along with some excellent carp. Best carp was around 18lbs.
Leland water opened for day tickets earlier this week and although catches were few the close season catches by members was excellent with the lake record being broken by Danny Browne with a common of 35-08. Day tickets are available on Leland, just call Tony Leadley on 07930 696639 to book yourself a day on this fabulous water.
The River Cam has fished really well with some excellent catches of specimen rudd.  Bream have also been caught plus roach and chub.

Danny Browne 35lb 8oz Common new lake record

16th May 2015
Magpie Lake is fishing really well for quality roach and I mean quality roach, there are so absolute crackers coming out at present. Anglers are reporting several 1lb fish and also some 1lb+ specimens. The carp are are also becoming more prominent in catches over the last week with several fish pushing double figures and a few over that mark. I know of one weighed at !2lb only last week. With the warmer weather many fish are beginning to show all around the lake.
Atkin's Water as always is a bit slower than Magpie but the carp are being caught and are in pristine condition. Anglers are also catching bream and the odd tench.  Some of the chub stocked a couple of years back are increasing in size and weight so hopefully we may have some 3 and 4lb fish being caught in the next year or so.
Leland Water is closed to day tickets at present but members fishing are getting some brilliant results with several fish over 30lbs [best 34lbs] and many over 20lb. Day tickets will be available from June 16th, book with Tony Leadley on the above phone number.
LITTER!! please take it home with you. We are getting too much left around the fishery and in many cases hidden in bushes etc. It probably takes more effort to hide it than taking it home and binning it there. Anyone seen leaving litter will only get 1 chance and will be banned from the site.

18th March 2015

Leland Water report from 12th January to now: Leland has fished pretty well throughout the cold weather even with ice on the water. Some quality fish have been caught by members and day ticket anglers alike.  A list of the better fish follows: 28-08 C & 25-12 M & a Ghostie of 24-12 to Greg English; Dave Lock a 24-4 C; Mr Anon, a 7lb Tench; Mark Crisp a 28-00 M; Ian Proud a 31-00 C; Greg English again 19-14 M & 13-00 C; Alan Smith 29-00, 31-00 & 12-12 C; Ian Proud 26-00 C; Dave Lock again 23-00 M; Richard Ginn 22-00 & 17-00 C; Mark Crisp 16-04 M & 9-08 C; Kevin Stint 26-12 FSM & 21-00 M; Danny Browne 24-06 C; Alan Smith 22-12 C & 15-12 M.
Leland is now closed for day tickets until June 16th.
Magpie Lake and Atkins Water remain open for day tickets until June 15th. Atkins will revert back to a club card water as well as day tickets for those without clubcards.
The River Cam is closed until June 16th.
A reminder to all anglers that their Rod Licences expire on March 31st at midnight, so make sure you have your licences renewed for the 1st of April as EA Bailiffs are frequent visitors to our lakes.
12th January 2015
Atkins Water has seen few visitors this year so far. Those that have fished have mainly been catching a few roach with an occasional carp. There have been some nice bream turning up as well but not in huge numbers.  It's well worth a try.
Magpie Lake again has seen few visitors but catches on Magpie have been good.  In particular the roach fishing has been outstanding with several anglers catching between 40 and 80 fish in a session.  Good quality fish as well with fish up to 1.5lbs although the majority are nice 6oz to 12oz fish.  Carp are also being caught but not in the numbers of warmer months.  6 to 8 fish in a session is the norm.
Leland Water is still producing some extremely big carp even through the frosts of the last weeks.  One of the top catches was on the 2nd Jan when Greg English caught a 33-08 Common along with other commons of 22-04 and 13-00.  Not content with this catch Greg returned on the 8th January and had a mega haul that included mirrors of 22-04, 23-02 and 23-08, plus commons of 15-00 x 2, a17-00 and another at 32-00.  Another member making the most of his winter break landed commons of 15-03, 27-06 on 2nd and 3rd of January. Returning again on the 10th he caught mirrors of 20-01, 22-00 and 26-12.  All these were caught in dreadful weather conditions with heavy rain and gale force winds, but it was very mild.
Prospects on Leland are looking really good at present.
The River Cam is running high and fast so nothing to report.
Day tickets are available by calling Tony Leadley on 07930 696639


Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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